‘You’re done’: Southwest mum threatens son’s schoolteacher

With a criminal history spanning back nearly thirty years, a mother’s lack of consideration for anyone was demonstrated when she failed to show up to her two court sittings after she threatened her juvenile son’s schoolteacher during a Youth Justice Conference.

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On February 9, the St George Magistrates Court heard Karen May Eigi attended a Youth Justice Conference on September 16, 2020 in relation to her juvenile son.

“During the conference, the defendant became so aggressive the conference was cancelled and a short time later, the victim was near her vehicle and the defendant approached her and said in a threatening manner ‘you need police protection you mother f**ker’,” police prosecutor sergeant Heather Whiting told the court.

Submitting a term of imprisonment is within range, sergeant Whiting said Eigi had fronted court in 2018 for abusing that same principal.

“The aggravating factors Your Honour, the conference had to be cancelled due to her behaviour and the defendant’s history is not good,” sergeant Whiting said.

“There’s a number of public nuisance offences.”

Barrister Wesley Seewald said his client is 38-years-old, has three children and resides in Dirranbandi.

“The words that were used ‘she’s done’ was with respect to her career as a principal, Ms Eigi instructed me,” Mr Seewald said.

In response, Magistrate Tracy Mossop said “whether you’re saying apply for police protection … well you don’t need police protection if it’s the end of your career”.

“This appalling behaviour by you.

“You have a lengthy criminal history which extends back 28 years.

“I hear you were angry, you have an anger problem that you need to address … you’ve got to start growing up.”

The court heard she also failed to attend court on November 18 and December 8 last year but then presented herself to police in January this year.

Eigi pleaded guilty to failing to appear and threatening violence.

For the threatening violence offence, Magistrate Mossop sentenced the defendant to 18 months probation.

For failing to appear, Eigi has one month imprisonment, wholly suspended for nine months.

The convictions were recorded.

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