YOUR SAY: Best playgrounds in Toowoomba

WONDERING which Toowoomba playgrounds are the best to take your kids to?

We asked Toowoomba locals on our Facebook page for their recommendations.

BEST PLAYGROUNDS: We’re compiling a list of the best playgrounds in Toowoomba and need your help. Tell us which playground you recommend and why and we'll make a list.

Posted by The Chronicle on Saturday, July 11, 2015


Here's what they said:

1. Newton Park

Cheryl McGrath: "Newtown park, best playground equipment for ppl of all ages. Space and seating."

2. Stenner Street Park

Jen Sissons: "Stenner St Park. It has a fence around it!!!"

3. Groom Park

Karen Hoppe: "Good old Groom Park... has lots to offer... sports and bbq facilities.."

4. Picnic Point Park

Tash Munt: "Picnic Point. The one near the cafe and across the road from their. They are great."

5. Webb Park

Terri Bromley: "My kids love Webb Park."

6. Smithfield Park

Nicole Madden: "There isn't really a good park for all ages. Middle ridge fenced park (bike thingo smack people in the head), queens park (two aged playground, at different ends of park & toilets too far away), all other parks..... too close to roads, no toilets, inadequate equipment. Best park for kids is Smithfield park."

7. Wilsonton Heights Park

Wen Moralina: "Seriously, the newly opened Wilsonton Heights Park."

8. Laurel Bank Park

Francine Gosden: "Laurel Bank Park fenced good range of equipment and close to toilets."

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