The putrid conditions that tenants left behind at a Harlaxton home.
The putrid conditions that tenants left behind at a Harlaxton home.

Tenants had young children live in appalling conditions

THE photos of putrid conditions seven young children were forced to live in would make anyone's stomach turn.

The family renting Joe Courte's Harlaxton investment property lived in squalor-like conditions before doing a runner, after not being able to pay their rent.

The house was left completely trashed, the floor was strewn with dead cockroaches and mice, dirty diapers, faeces, urine-soaked clothing and garbage bags.

It was almost too much for a cleaning company to take on but Trish O'Brien of Trishy's Cleaning Services took a team of workers in to clean the filthy home.

It took 103 man-hours to remove all the rubbish and clean the house, with another $10,000 expected to go towards new carpet and a paint job.

Ms O'Brien said it was the worst case she had seen.

"A couple of my workers actually spewed over the awful state. It was the most disgusting thing I have ever seen," she said.

"The only reason I agreed to clean it was because I know the owner. He would generally clean it but it was just too much for one person."

She said the worst part was knowing children were living in these appalling conditions.

"There were incredibly thick dirty diapers throughout the house and when we lifted the couch about 30 mice ran out from underneath," she said.

"With the amount of dirty clothes strewn everywhere it's clear the children didn't have any clean clothes to wear."

Ms O'Brien phoned child services to report the conditions.

"It's my duty of care to these children to report it. If this is how they live, it is a huge health problem," she said.

"Just because they moved to another home doesn't mean the way they live will change."

She also shared photos of the house on Facebook to show people what some landlords had to deal with.

Unsurprisingly, people were furious seeing how the children were forced to live.

The post has received about 300 comments and has been shared more than 280 times.

Mr Courte is devastated with the conditions the home was left in.

He and his wife live almost five hours out of town so rarely had the chance to inspect the home during the 12 months the family was living there.

"People need to know what some people do to landlords and the disgusting conditions they live in," he said.

"It's really is upsetting knowing this is what has become of our house, I don't know how anyone could stand it."

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