D'Artagnan Dudgeon poses with his prize chickens at the Roma agricultural show.
D'Artagnan Dudgeon poses with his prize chickens at the Roma agricultural show. Dick Schubert

Young bird contest returns to Maranoa

THE MARANOA poultry and caged birds society is looking to bring birds to the forefront, hosting the first young bird show in Roma in over 20 years.

The event, which is to be held at the poultry pavilion at Bassett Park on Saturday, will put southern Queensland's finest feathers on show, with over 100 entries from across the state due to take part in the competition.

With 35 breeds of young birds on show competition is set to take off, with the contestants vying for champion of breed and a potential shot at the grand champion trophy, giving the winner something to crow about.

The young poultry show will be the first specialist poultry show in Roma since the late 90's, and the first event hosted by the newly-minted Maranoa poultry and caged birds society, with Dalby poultry veteran Bob Walsh named the adjudicator for the event.

President of the Maranoa Poultry Club, Dick Schubert, believes the show will help to revive similar competitions in the area.

"It's been a long time coming; we've had some knock backs over the time, but it's all worked out,” said Mr Schubert.

"Many other regional clubs have young bird shows, so it's good we are able to start it back up here.

"Similar to boxing, where you have to train a fighter to be ready at a certain time, you have to train the birds to peak at the competition.

"If this show is successful we hope to make the young bird competition a yearly event.”

Mr Schubert believes the event is a great opportunity to introduce Roma youngsters to the hobby.

"Back at the original shows, 70% of entrants used to be children competing with their birds, but at the last agricultural show there were only seven young entrants,” he said.

"I think it's a great activity to introduce the younger generations to, with league season nearing a close it keeps children from running around bored on the street.

"It's open to the public and it's no cost to them, there will be a barbecue held during the day for the spectators to enjoy and lots of quality competition on show.”

All birds to be shown must be 12-months-old or younger and registered for the event prior to tomorrow.

The event kicks off at 8.30am tomorrow with a card auction, where interested buyers can vie for top birds and breeding lines using a written card system.

Entry to the event is free, with all entrants encouraged to come and check out southern Queensland's brightest beaks and most well preened combs.

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