You know you're a Roma local when...

Many readers have a fond memory shared at Kooka's, also known as the Roma BP.
Many readers have a fond memory shared at Kooka's, also known as the Roma BP. Alexia Austin

We put the call out on our Facebook this week for submissions about what our readers think makes you a true local to the region.

Is it the inside knowledge strictly reserved for those who were born and raised here? Or is it the community spirit that runs thick in your veins?

Some believe it only takes 10 years to earn your 'local' badge of honour, while others are adamant you need to trace three generations of family heritage to the area. Here are some indications you might qualify:

1) You know all of the team names, members and uniforms of your local sports teams, and very often have a family member or two that represent or have represented.

2) When you can walk into Bakearoma and they know what coffee you want without you having to speak a word.

3) When you can confidently reverse park in the main street in front of a footpath full of people.

4) When you affectionately call the BP "Kooka's”, much to the annoyance of tourists. You know Kooka's is the best place to grab an after-hours feed, with many reminiscing about Jean's milkshakes and the legendary chicken duets and toasties.

5) You know a back way to any destination and how to avoid the one set of traffic lights in town, shaving minutes off your trip.

6) You start calling people by their maiden names and you don't feel you know anyone properly unless they divulge their entire family tree and you recognise most of the branches.

7) You have a number of family members in the local cemetery.

8) Your house has been flooded three times and you still choose not to move.

9) You've been to Ace Drapers so many times that you can find what you want without having to asking where it is.

10) You refer to the "KFC corner” as a reliable landmark, and know without a doubt people understand where you're referring to.

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