Is council worker world's most unwanted employee?

TOOWOOMBA is home to perhaps the most unwanted employee in the world.

The Toowoomba Regional Council worker was sacked with just two hours' notice before being reinstated when the sacking was deemed non-complaint.

But, a few weeks later, he was made redundant.

To rub salt into his wounds, the worker was then denied a position transfer when the descriptions of jobs for which he was qualified were rewritten by council bureaucrats, according to the Queensland Services Union.


The debacle has left the employee fuming and the union on the warpath, bound for the Queensland Industrial Relations Commission.

Queensland Services Union secretary Neil Henderson said the handling of the highly qualified professional's sacking beggared belief.

"He certainly is entitled to feel un-loved," he said.

"There are clearly aspects (of the sacking) that don't wash.

"It has none of the hallmarks of a valid redundancy."

Mr Henderson said the council had consistently failed to comply with its employment agreement.

While made redundant and out of a job two weeks ago, his confirmation letter only arrived on Wednesday this week.

Mr Henderson also questioned Toowoomba Regional Council's justification - one which puts many of its workers in the firing line.

"Council is putting forward that it's struggling through hard times, that there's a downturn and these sorts of redundancies are necessary," he said.

"Yet council is running around claiming how great things are in Toowoomba.

"We don't get it."

Council yesterday released a statement to respond to the Queensland Service Union's claims.

"Toowoomba Regional Council, one of the region's largest employers, will conduct itself as any other employer and continue to recruit for specialist skills and workers for the benefit of the community it serves," the statement read.

"As is always the case, Toowoomba Regional Council will treat employee matters before the Queensland Industrial Relations Commission confidentially and only disclose details to the parties directly involved or their representatives.

"Council will refrain from making any further comment on this issue at this stage."

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