Former Ipswich City Council CEO Carl Wulff
Former Ipswich City Council CEO Carl Wulff Chris Owen

Wulff backs Pisasale's account of Mayoress employment

FORMER Ipswich City Council CEO Carl Wulff confirmed yesterday that he suggested the appointment of Mayoress Janet Pisasale.

Mr Wulff said he suggested Mrs Pisasale to the Mayor when an assistant quit at short notice and Cr Pisasale needed somebody to drive him to late appointments.

"Paul and I talked about it and I suggested Janet would be a good option as an interim measure, just until we had time to fill the position and find somebody to do the job on a permanent basis," Mr Wulff said.

"If you've got ... an employee who says, 'look I can't do these late night things anymore', and the next day Paul needs to be picked up late at night, the problem is not necessarily finding somebody but finding them in a short period of time.

"I don't see any conflicts in doing that. It was a logical, commonsense solution to an immediate problem."

The ABC reported yesterday that both Cr Pisasale and the council's current CEO Jim Lindsay provided written statements denying the Mayor had any role in the employment of his wife.

Cr Pisasale yesterday told the QT he was involved in initial discussions on his wife's employment but denied any further involvement.

"(My personal assistant) managed it. I never had anything to do with it," he said.

"I didn't want it to happen but the CEO said that will help us out for a little while, so he spoke to Janet.

"He interviewed Janet and Janet accepted it on the grounds that it only be a short period."

The position became 11 months casual employment.

Mr Wulff resigned as Ipswich City CEO in December 2013.

Asked if Mrs Pisasale's appointment was appropriate, current CEO Jim Lindsay said he could understand why Mr Wulff made the decision.

"The CEO, Carl, who made the decision at the time made the decision for a practical reason ... the Mayor has MS, he has a condition, he works long hours. We know that affects his driving," Mr Lindsay said.

"It was always an interim decision.

"It was a decision made by the former CEO. I understand why he made those decisions.

"Unfortunately it took longer to recruit the person than it should have because of Carl's resignation."

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