Women at Roma Police Station.
Women at Roma Police Station.

WOMEN’S DAY: Saying thanks to our women in blue

Opportunities for women in policing have expanded over time, and one Roma police officer said while enforcement used to be a “boy’s club”, she feels privileged to not only work alongside amazing women officers but be led by one – Katarina Carroll, Commissioner of the Queensland Police Service.

Constable Karlee Longworth began at the Roma police station in August 2019 after doing a year in the Logan Division and says International Women’s Day on March 8 is a day to pause, recognise and celebrate the achievements women have accomplished in the last few decades.

“It’s about celebrating women, their strengths and abilities, not just what they look like,” Constable Longworth said.

“Women have fought hard to get us to where we are now.

“The police in general used to be a boy’s club … it was a rarity to see a female in any role of power, let alone being a cop. Now we have a female commissioner.

“I work with a handful of amazing women and it’s great to see that our roles are not dominated by our gender … you earn your spot based on capability and merit.”

Constable Longworth believes moving through the ranks is based on merit, not gender.

“Women are half the population … we need to have a spread of people of all genders, nationalities and age to identify with the people we serve,” she said.

“In saying that, I’m a massive believer in working for it.

“You won’t get it handed to you. And you shouldn’t. Go after what you want and put in the effort. I believe in getting stuff based off merit and not just gender.”

The message constable Longworth has for other women on IWD is celebrate your strengths and those of other women in your life.

“Strong women – may we be them, know them and raise them,” she said.

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