Vital Health.
Vital Health.

WOMEN’S DAY: Praising our Vital Health women

Founded more than 30 years ago, one local woman started a small business with the vision to provide physiotherapy services to the community that raised her.

Since then, Jean Benham has worked alongside several female colleagues and family members to provide allied health services in response to the growing needs of the bush.

And today on March 8 we say thanks to the amazing women at Vital Health for International Women’s Day.

About 99 per cent of the staff at Vital Health are female and Occupational Therapist Deni Humphreys said her industry has become increasingly renowned with the demand continuing to rise each year.

“I work in a female dominated industry and but it is always good to work with both genders to gain different points of view,” Ms Humphrey’s said.

Ms Humphreys said her mum is the reason she followed her chosen career path, saying she is the most influential woman in her life.

“(She told me) It won’t hurt going to university and seeing what happens … she’s taught me many lessons, from buying cutlery that hangs up … to giving 110 per cent in everything you do, even if you don’t like it.”

Similarly, Speech Pathologist Ellie Price said despite working alongside several women, she does see the value of men in the health industry.

“I work in a female dominated profession – there were only three males in my degree throughout university and I believe in the value of both males and females in the health industry,” she said.

“I feel Speech Pathology as a whole has progressed over the years and continues to grow to meet the needs of many.”

However, Ms Price said she would like to see more women in executive and higher positions in hospital and primary health services in the future.

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