Woman stops to help blind teen crying at Buderim bus stop

IF you saw a young boy crying at a bus stop would you stop?

It's something Caloundra's Jessica Venables had to weigh up yesterday when she saw a young boy in absolute tears as she drove past a Buderim bus stop.

But what she learnt when she did stop bought her to tears.

"I saw the boy crying at the bus stop and it broke my heart. He looked like my brother. I didn't know if he had been getting picked on so I told my mum, who I was driving with, to turn around and go back," Ms Venables said.

The boy told her he was almost completely blind with only 4% vision left after suffering brain tumours.


"At first I didn't see his walking stick lying on the ground but he didn't see me. When I realised and could see how hysterical he was I just sat down and cuddled him."

Ms Venables said he told her he had tried to board a bus to Buderim Falls and had asked the bus driver to take him there.

However when she found him he was about 2km from the falls.


"He said he told the driver he wanted to go to Buderim falls. The driver dropped him off and he said he was told it was only 20m up the road from where he was left," she said.

"He said he asked people for directions but he didn't know where he was. He was on the right bus but he never got the falls, he said he just really wanted to go there."

Once she helped calm the young boy down Ms Venables offered to give him a ride. She said he asked her to take him back to Coolum where he lived.

"I've recently had a baby myself, if my son was sitting at a stop crying I would want someone to stop and see if he's OK," she said.

Last night Ms Venables took to Facebook to share what happened. The post was quickly gained the attention of the Sunshine Coast for Jessica's kind act. 

Read what she had to say below:

Jessica's post on the Sunshine Coast Community Board yesterday.
Jessica's post on the Sunshine Coast Community Board yesterday. Facebook

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