Rocky woman's 'vulgar' sex act in police car, watch house

WARNING: Graphic sexual content

SHE was arrested for breaching a domestic violence order but it's what she did in the back of the police car and continued doing at the watch house that led her behaviour being described as vulgar.

The 25-year-old appeared in the Rockhampton Magistrates Court on January 23, via video link from the Townsville Correctional Centre where she has been held in custody since the incident, pleading guilty to five charges.

The charges included one of contravening a domestic violence order, one of assaulting a public officer and causing bodily harm, one of assaulting a police officer, possessing cannabis and a pipe.

Police prosecutor Jess King said police were called to a Denison St residence to a domestic disturbance one afternoon early in November.

She said the woman's former partner told police she had pulled the front sliding door off the hinges, threw objects around the house, accidentally melted a curtain on the stove and punched him multiple times in the face and chest.

Ms King said police found the woman asleep, naked, in the bedroom. They woke her up, told her she was under arrest, allowed her to get dressed before taking her to the watch house.

She said while the woman was in the car, she masturbated.

Ms King said when they arrived at the watch house, she assaulted an officer at the watch house, scratching his biceps with her fingers, before being placed in a cell.

She said after the woman was placed in a cell, she removed her clothes and continued the "vulgar" behaviour for 25 minutes.

Ms King said officers asked the woman to stand up and put her clothes back on, but she replied she was too drunk and too stoned to do so, so the officers placed a blanket over her.

She said the woman had to be carried out of the cell and it was during this that she struck a police officer.

Defence lawyer Scheryn Aspinall-Clarke said her client had been drinking with her ex on the day of the incident and he was pouring the drinks.

She said her client also admitted to smoking cannabis on that day.

"She was off her face," Ms Aspinall-Clarke said.

The court heard the woman had been a passenger in a car in October when police discovered cannabis and a pipe in her handbag.

Ms King said the woman had assaulted two police officers in 2014, spitting on one of them.

Ms Aspinall-Clarke described a heart-breaking childhood story where her boxer father abused her mother and the pair separated when the defendant was two years old.

She said her client lived with her mother on the streets for a year before she was taken into the foster care system.

Ms Aspinall-Clarke said the defendant was then passed from family member to family member for months until her mother was murdered while being four months' pregnant.

She said she then went to live with her grandparents until her late teens when she moved out to live with a boyfriend, who became abusive.

Ms Aspinall-Clarke said she had her first child

with this man and escaped the violent relationship when he was sent to jail for DV.

The court heard the defendant then met the father of her second child - the man at the house where she as arrested by police - who she shares custody of the child with.

Ms Aspinall-Clarke said her client couldn't remember much of the incident, but was really embarrassed.

Magistrate Cameron Press ordered the woman to a head sentence of 12 months' jail with a parole release date of February 23.

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