Tweed Heads Police. 
Photo: John Gass / Tweed Daily News
Tweed Heads Police. Photo: John Gass / Tweed Daily News John Gass

Woman hit after telling driver to get out of disabled park

A WOMAN in her 60s has allegedly been knocked to the ground after she told a driver to get out of a disabled parking space south of the Gold Coast.

It is understood the incident happened outside of the Kingscliff 7-Day Chempro Chemist on Marine Parade around midday today.

According to a post to social media, an "entitled man leant out of his 4WD window and flattened” a woman to the ground.

The woman, in her 60s, had asked her to move from the disabled car park.

Two young women took a photo of the man's registration while an older man stayed with the woman.

A NSW Ambulance Services spokesman said they received a call around 1pm to reports of an assault. The woman is believed to have hit her head on the pavement as she fell.

Paramedics attended and no transportation was required.

Users on Facebook were outraged over the incident.

Helen Toohey wrote: "Omg !!! I'm appalled by this. My elderly parents live at Kingy (as did I until last year) and to think something like this could happen frightens me. I hope this lady is ok and good on you all for helping them out”.

Tina Potter said: "Yeah, that'd be right. There's self entitlement again for you ... glad the rego was taken”

Joy Perry wrote: "The driver will find out the hard way now. So easy not to give into temptation & Park in a disabled park or indeed any regulated park without permission label. Makes you wonder why so many people do it.”

Tweed Police confirmed they had received a report for an assault in Kingscliff.

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