Woman asked to perform sexual favours for immigration advice

A DISGRACED former immigration advisor asked a woman to move into his house and perform sexual favours and domestic duties in exchange for immigration help.

Hakaoro Hakaoro, who was sent to prison in January 2014 for working without a licence, has been found guilty on six new complaints before the New Zealand Immigration Advisors Disciplinary Tribunal.

In one case, Hakaoro took $3000 in fees from a woman who was in New Zealand unlawfully and wanted help with her and her siblings' immigration status.

After their visa applications were declined, Hakaoro told the siblings they were still being considered by Immigration New Zealand.

Hakaoro's wife then asked the woman to into their house, enter a sexual relationship with Hakaoro and perform domestic duties for them. The woman declined.

The tribunal found Hakaoro's wife was acting on his behalf and with his knowledge, and said the conduct was "grossly disrespectful and unprofessional".

In the other cases, Hakaoro was found to have submitted information to Immigration New Zealand that he knew to be false, taken money from clients without performing the work promised, and failed to tell clients that his licence had been cancelled.

In one case he had taken $3000 in fees, failed to perform any work for the client, and then did not return the money when he was no longer able to work as an immigration advisor.

Hakaoro had earlier tried to have the six complaints put off on the grounds that he had been unable to properly respond while in prison. He did not file any response to the complaints.

The tribunal upheld all six complaints, and will hear further submissions before making a decision on penalty.

Hakaoro's licence was cancelled in 2013 after the disciplinary tribunal upheld several complaints, including that he told a client he would get her pregnant because having a child was the fastest way to get a work permit.

In another case he exploited a woman who was in New Zealand illegally by making her undertake tasks for Hakaoro, such as heavy lifting and massaging his wife.


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