Lawyer sues Woolies over rogue shallot fall

A LAWYER who allegedly slipped and fell on a shallot while shopping at Woolworths is suing the supermarket giant for damages.

Olga Day claims she was shopping at the store located inside Orion Shopping Centre at Springfield when she slipped and injured herself on a rogue shallot located near one of the aisles.

Ms Day claimed a demonstration table placed near the aisles hampered her view and played a significant role in the incident which allegedly occurred on December 18, 2014.

But court documents do not reveal what injuries Ms Day sustained or how much compensation she is seeking.

Ms Day, who is a qualified lawyer in Russia, is representing herself in the proceedings.

Brisbane District Court heard during an application hearing earlier this year Ms Day sought an order allowing her to inspect the store for a number of reasons.

Those reasons included to perform further slip resistance floor tests, to take photographs and to inspect Woolworth's practice in selling loose shallots as well as testing the design of customer's trolleys.

Ms Day also wanted to analyse Woolworth's policy in relation to sweeping, inspecting and cleaning of spillages on the floor and to access and analyse the supermarket's security cameras and CCTV monitoring system.

Woolworths opposed the application.

The court heard the store manager had signed two documents stating there was no CCTV footage of the event as the area in question was not covered by a CCTV camera.

Ms Day claimed the store manager was coerced into giving this statement but could not back the allegation up with any evidence in court.

Judge Clare Kingham, in handing down her decision this month, dismissed large parts of Ms Day's application but ordered Woolworths to provide certain information she had requested.

Judge Kingham went on to say for quite a few of the requests it seemed Ms Day simply would not accept the answers given to her.

She ordered Ms Day be provided with a floor plan of the area in the vicinity of her alleged fall showing the location and direction of the cameras on the day of the fall.

She also ordered Woolworths to provide Ms Day with documents surrounding policies and procedures to identify and reduce slip hazards.

Judge Kingham also ordered all parties to participate in a compulsory conference on April 22, 2016.

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