Annjenetta Hooper.
Annjenetta Hooper.

Mum of three tried to smuggle drugs in bra into prison

A MOTHER of three has been caught trying to sneak illegal drugs into Southern Queensland Correctional Centre.

Annjenetta Hooper (pictured) had been asked to smuggle the drugs by her partner, who was an inmate at the prison.

The plan involved Hooper hiding 25 strips of buprenorphine - an opioid drug similar to heroin - in her bra when she visited her partner.

The couple discussed the arrangement during a conversation on a prison phone.

It wasn't kept secret though, as prisoner telephone calls are monitored and recorded by staff at the correctional centre.

When the 25-year-old tried to smuggle the drugs into the jail on December 24 last year, the police were ready and waiting.

Hooper was searched and initially denied she had any drugs on her, but quickly changed her story and admitted the offence.

At Ipswich District Court on Friday, she pleaded guilty to one count of supplying dangerous drugs.

Crown prosecutor Matt Le Grand said Hooper had been found with a total of 182mg of buprenorphine - also known as Subutex.

Defence lawyer Malcolm Harrison said Hooper was a mother to three children aged two to seven years old.

Mr Harrison said Hooper's co-accused partner in jail was the father to two of her children.

"My client was bringing these drugs into the prison at her partner's suggestion," Mr Harrison said.

"She had an attachment to him, which was bad for her in the sense that she would do things for him she would otherwise not do.

"My client did this for a man she thought she loved...she had felt obliged to help him"

Mr Harrison said after Hooper was caught, her partner had asked her again to try and sneak the drugs into the prison.

He said his client refused and that her relationship with the man had "essentially" ended.

Mr Harrison said Hooper had endured a difficult upbringing and suffered anxiety and depression.

He said his client did not have a drug addiction.

Judge Sarah Bradley told Hooper her actions had been "extremely foolish".

"I am sure you understood that he was not supposed to have drugs in jail.

"Unfortunately a lot of our prison population is there because of drugs, so it's important these illicit substances are kept out of prisons".

Hooper was convicted and sentenced to four months in jail, suspended for 18 months.

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