What not to feed your dog this holiday season

It is not a good idea to feed dogs straight from the lunch table.
It is not a good idea to feed dogs straight from the lunch table. Contributed

THIS time of year households are stocked with yummy food.

But a lot of the holiday delicacies that we are looking forward to eating can be harmful to our dogs.

It is not a good idea to feed them straight from the lunch table because it can actually be dangerous.

As much as we would like to spoil them with a tasty treat, it's important to be mindful what you are feeding them.

It is a well known fact that chocolate is bad for dogs and most owners follow the golden rule to never feed them chocolate.

There are other everyday food items that can also be toxic to your pooch.

Chocolate can be harmful for dogs.
Chocolate can be harmful for dogs. Contributed
  • Beer
    Sitting around having a beer on Christmas Day is an Australian thing to do but and as much as some dogs might like beer it can actually upset their stomach and result in seizures and fevers.
  • Onions and garlic
    Dogs can get very sick from eating onions and garlic so make sure you don't toss them any leftover stuffing.
  • Chicken
    Okay, so this one isn't toxic but chicken bones can splinter while being eaten and puncture your dog's internal organs. So if you are feeding them chicken, be sure to check for bones first.
  • Raisins
    A key ingredient in mince pies and fruit cake is raisins and nearly every household will have one of these on the dessert table. Make sure you don't chuck your scraps to your four-legged-friend because raisins are also poisonous for dogs.
Raisins are poisonous for dogs.
Raisins are poisonous for dogs. Contributed
  • Mushrooms
    While fungi can be good for humans it is bad for dogs. The most common side affect is vomiting but they can also die from it.
  • Macadamia nuts
    Macadamia nuts are very bad for dogs because they can cause a reaction called macadamia nut toxicosis.
  • Socks
    Someone in your household is bound to get a pair of boring, old socks for Christmas. We know you aren't going to be rushing to be them on, but make sure you don't just leave them lying around, because bored dogs might start chewing them and they are a potential chocking hazard for our furry friends.
Don't let your dogs chew your socks.
Don't let your dogs chew your socks. Contributed


Another thing you should be aware of this holiday season is that your dog could be overwhelmed by the noise and chaos.

Even the most social and friendly of dogs can become frightened, especially if you have lots of people over for a Christmas or New Year's gathering.

The RSPCA have some tips for keeping your dog safe this Christmas season.

  • If you think your dog may be overwhelmed with lots of new people, put him away from all the action in another room, with a yummy chew or filled enrichment toy. Especially during the more hectic times such as people arriving and leaving. Play some music in the area or leave the TV on to help mask the sounds of activity going on elsewhere.
  • Even the most social of dogs will need a break from the activity, so make sure you have a suitable area or a crate the dog can chill out in.
  • Assign an adult (not involved in supervising children) to be in charge of your dog if you can't be - being sure they look out for signs of stress and protect your dog from any unwanted attention.
  • Do not allow children to hug or kiss your dog. Dogs do not like hugs and kisses. Even a dog who tolerates this under normal circumstances, may not tolerate this from strangers in a high stress situation with lots of noise and people.

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