ANGRY: Peter Wellington says the suggestion that he would belittle a domestic violence victim is disgraceful.
ANGRY: Peter Wellington says the suggestion that he would belittle a domestic violence victim is disgraceful. DAN PELED

Peter Wellington responds to domestic violence slur

THE MOST hurtful barb Peter Wellington has endured in his nearly 30 years of state politics is the suggestion he condoned domestic violence.


For the past two days, the Member for Nicklin and Speaker of Parliament has been embroiled in the saga around the embattled Member for Cook, Billy Gordon.

There has been an ongoing suggestion that Mr Wellington didn't show enough support for Mr Gordon's ex-partner, an alleged victim of domestic violence.

But not only was Mr Wellington happy to sign the Sunshine Coast Daily's petition for action against domestic violence, he has been a campaigner on this issue since before he was elected as an MP, he told the Daily.

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"I have been a patron of the Lions' Emergency Accommodation (for domestic violence victims) for as long as I can remember," he said.

"I go out of my way to help people trying to find crisis accommodation.

"To insinuate I am belittling or trying to put down a person on the receiving end of domestic violence, I find disgraceful.

"Domestic violence is something our whole community has to come together on.

"I have always been about helping people in distress, every day someone comes through my office looking for support.

"Even when I was first elected, I remember the State Government was going to close down crisis accommodation in Nambour until they got new funding. I was able to persuade the then Minister to keep the facility.

"Back when I was on the council, (before being elected as a State MP) I was instrumental in trying to get Nambour Community Centre going."

In 1999, Mr Wellington introduced a Private Member's Bill to help victims of domestic violence who had murdered their partners.

"It had the object of simplifying the law in relation to self-defence and to make the law of self-defence more applicable to a person who kills a violent and abusive partner in a case of self-defence," Mr Wellington said.


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