You said it on Facebook: Inspiring People

WE asked our Facebook readers to tell us about the people who have inspired them on your life's journey. Here are some of there photos and stories, which we hope will also inspire you.

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Courtney Luder. Photo Contributed
Courtney Luder. Photo Contributed

COURTNEY LUDER: This lovely woman Anna Stevens (left), my grandmother, inspires me more than anything in this world.

In 2003, my mother, her daughter, passed away in a car accident. With herself grieving the loss of a daughter, she helped myself, my younger sister and three older brothers get on our feet. She raised my, then 6 year old, sister, to be the beautiful woman she is today, at 18 yrs.

Today, at 67 years old, and a great-grandmother, she is still a hard worker, labouring at her brother's farm, and always running around chasing kids. And just recently bought herself her own house.

I'm so proud of you nana. To have worked so hard your whole life, you've gotten so far. She inspires me to be strong, through whatever life throws at us. She taught me manners, respect and kindness. She is my hero, my second mum.

She deserves more than this world can offer.







Julie Carter. Photo Contributed
Julie Carter. Photo Contributed

JULIE CARTER: My dad (above) inspires me. He was a great dad and an amazing Pa. He always had time for his family he has taught me that family is everything, even when things get rocky he taught me to work it out and fight to keep your family.

My dad passed away three weeks ago, life really is precious, my dad also taught me to live life to the max and live it the way I want it as long as you have family around nothing can knock you down.


Sammual G Mooney. Photo Contributed
Sammual G Mooney. Photo Contributed

SAMMUEL G. MOONEY: This is my oldest brother, my father and my great uncle (above). All of whom have served and deployed overseas in the Australian Defence Force, from Vietnam, to East Timor and Afghanistan. Each of these men inspire me in all aspects of my life.

They have taught me so much and continue to set the perfect example any young man like my self needs. Very proud to have three generations of service members still alive and well in my family. Not just the 'soldier' side has inspired me, they have each installed different qualities and beliefs within me.

I feel very lucky to have men like this in my life.


Rebekah Weatherhog. Photo Contributed
Rebekah Weatherhog. Photo Contributed

REBEKAH WEATHERHOG: My mum (above) inspires me, she was her husband's carer when he was diagnosed with Alzheimer's which was hard for all of us but she kept going.

She then lost her husband and mother six weeks apart but has still managed to keep it together.

She is my rock, my best friend.

If I turn out to be anything like my mum I'm the luckiest girl in the world.


Robert McLaren. Photo Contributed
Robert McLaren. Photo Contributed

ROBERT McLAREN: The person who inspires me is my idol Delta Goodrem. This was when she picked me to dance with her (right) in front of 400 people at Broadbeach in 2012. She means so much to me.

I suffer from very severe depression and extreme stress and anxiety and PTSD. When I am down and don't know what to do I put on one of Delta's songs Be Strong and have that on repeat to try to get me through the tough days I have.

She inspires me to achieve anything and when I set my mind to it I know if I put in the hard work I can do it.


Lynda Faye Thomas. Photo Contributed
Lynda Faye Thomas. Photo Contributed

LYNDA FAYE THOMAS: This is my godmother Aunty Pat (left).

She gave me a roof when my parents couldn't and listened to my problems and loved my children like her own grandchildren.

I wish she was still here to confide in at times. Sometimes I want to pick up the phone and call heaven to speak to her.

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