PASSION: Ben Loakes made his debut as a trainer and watched his gelding Moonlight Diamond in race one's Gladstone Harbour Festival Maiden Plate.
PASSION: Ben Loakes made his debut as a trainer and watched his gelding Moonlight Diamond in race one's Gladstone Harbour Festival Maiden Plate. Mike Richards GLA310318RACE

WATCH: To have patience is the key for new trainer

HORSE RACING: Gladstone has a third horse trainer who wants to make his mark in the sport.

Ben Loakes made his debut in Saturday's Easter Race Day at Ferguson Park Racecourse and while his five-year-old gelding Moonlight Diamond finished last in Gladstone Harbour Festival race one, it's all about learning in the industry.

"I'm born and bred from Gladstone and have been here all my life and we have got our lodge in Benaraby and we have some interest in horses that we own and train," he said.

"That was my first run and he needed a run."

For the record it was a Mackay triple - Rocket in Ginger, Hammerfest and Prince of Mine - which finished one, two and three in that first race of the day.

"He's (Moonlight Diamond) is certainly not an 850-metre horse and he's been in a paddock for a good year-and-a-half," Loakes said.

"It was a good hit-out for him and was a bit fresh as you could see.

"We'll get him up from there and he'll improve that's for sure."

Loakes said to become a trainer is something that he has always wanted to do because of his passion for horses.

"I've got my first one out of the way and we'll go on from there," he said.

While he has a couple of other horses in line for competitive racing, his immediate focus is working on Moonlight Diamond.

"We're both pretty patient with each other and he's a patient big bugger and he sort of tolerates me anyway and we're both learning," Loakes said.

Fellow Gladstone trainers Denis Schultz and Lee Kiernan's horses did not come away with any chocolates as far as wins were concerned.

Kiernan's French Flame was the best-performed Gladstone horse with a second place in race two's Greg McCann Memorial.

His other mare Anne From Mayo finished last in the final race of the day - Outdoor Concepts.

Schultz was forced to scratch Sweet Seven from race one and Lucifer's Angel in race five while That Pretty Girls fared fifth in the Saltt Clothing race two event.

The next race day at Ferguson Park is on June 2.



1 7 ROCKET ON GINGER John Manzelmann Adin Thompson (a3/52kg) 4 55.5kg (cd 52.5kg) $1.70F; 2 5 HAMMERFEST Tracy Simmons Mark Barnham 0.5L 3 55.5kg (cd 59kg) $9; 3 3 PRINCE OF MINE Ian D Shaw Dale Evans 1.5L 6 58.5kg $4.40; 4 1 DUAN DUNROAMIN Denis Schultz Kelly Gates 3.5L 5 58.5kg $21; 5 4 QUATRO AMIGOS Darryl Gardiner Elyce Smith (a2/53kg) 3.7L 7 57.5kg (cd 55.5kg) $11; 6 6 HIGH HUSSY Vic Heading Ms Nicole Seymour (a4/52kg) 3.8L 2 55.5kg (cd 51.5kg) $21; 7 2 MOONLIGHT DIAMOND Ben Loakes Lachlan Dodds (a1.5/55kg) 10.55L 1 58.5kg (cd 57kg) $5

Race 2 SALTT CLOTHING Ratings Band 0 - 60 Handicap (1000 METRES)

1 2 ALAKAI Phillip Pengelly Ms Nicole Seymour (a4/52kg) 1 58.5kg (cd 54.5kg) $3.50EF; 2 4 OVERLOAD Darryl Gardiner Elyce Smith (a2/53kg) 1L 3 56kg (cd 54kg) $3.50EF; 3 3 COLLAR'S UP John Manzelmann Kelly Gates 3L 2 56kg $7; 4 5 EXCELCAT Kevin J Miller Dale Evans 5L 6 55kg $3.80; 5 6 THAT PRETTY GIRL Denis Schultz Lachlan Dodds (a1.5/55kg) 5.5L 4 55kg $17; 6 1 CHRISTMAS CHEER Bevan Johnson Adin Thompson (a3/52kg) 8L 5 60kg (cd 57kg) $3.50EF

Race 3 WINX Class B Handicap (1194 METRES)

1 4 MOWER (NZ) Bob Murray Lachlan Dodds (a1.5/55kg) 6 57kg (cd 55.5kg) $5; 2 6 IRISH WINE Ian Jackson Dale Evans 1.5L 3 55.5kg $5; 3 1 PALM SPRINGS John Manzelmann Elyce Smith (a2/53kg) 1.8L 1 60kg (cd 58kg) $2.80; 4 2 BOUN CI Joao Campeao Ms Nicole Seymour (a4/52kg) 4.3L 2 59kg (cd 55kg) $4.60; 5 3 FORTUNATO BAMBINO Jared Wehlow Mark Barnham 4.5L 4 59kg $2.10F; 6 5 BLOOMERANG Tony Hess Kelly Gates 5L 5 56.5kg $9; 7 7 BOHEMIAN TIGER Vic Heading Adin Thompson (a3/52kg) 23.25L 7 55kg (cd 52kg) $17


1 3 FAB'S COWBOY Bevan Johnson Adin Thompson (a3/52kg) 4 60.5kg (cd 57.5kg) $1.60F; 2 7 FRENCH FLAME Lee Kiernan Dale Evans 12L 1 54.5kg $4.60; 3 5 MAH BAKER Darryl Gardiner Elyce Smith (a2/53kg) 12.75L 2 58.5kg (cd 56.5kg) $5; 4 4 JEB'S BOY Darryl Gardiner Kelly Gates 13.5L 6 60.5kg $15; 5 6 WALSHIE Bob Murray Lachlan Dodds (a1.5/55kg) 15.5L 5 55kg $26; 6 1 ALL HOST Darryl Gardiner Mark Barnham 17.25L 7 60.5kg $10; 7 2 BETTER IDEA Bob Murray Ms Nicole Seymour (a4/52kg) 26L 3 60.5kg (cd 56.5kg) $9

Race 5 OUTDOOR CONCEPTS BenchMark 55 Handicap (1517 METRES)

1 2 CAPTAINS WAY John Manzelmann Elyce Smith (a2/53kg) 4 61kg (cd 59kg) $1.70F; 2 1 YEEZY Bevan Johnson Adin Thompson (a3/52kg) 0.75L 2 61.5kg (cd 58.5kg) $2.10; 3 5 LUCKY TICKET Bob Murray Lachlan Dodds (a1.5/55kg) 8.25L 5 56.5kg (cd 55kg) $4.40; 4 7 TIVERTON Bob Murray Kelly Gates 8.65L 1 56kg $4.20; 5 4 ANNE FROM MAYO Lee Kiernan Ms Nicole Seymour (a4/52kg) 10.4L 3 56.5kg (cd 52.5kg) $7

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