FOOTAGE has emerged of school students wading through floodwater before a school bus drives through.

The video was believed to have been taken by a high school student from Bundaberg and shows five students wading through the water.

When the bus starts going, you can hear the students speaking with the driver telling him the "water is leaking in" as it comes under the door.

"When we go to dry land again you have to open the door again... ," the child said.

The driver then replies to say "it's shallow here".

The children can be heard saying "this is a lot worse than last time".

The second video which surfaced, showing Snapchat footage of another bus driving through water:

Bundaberg police traffic branch Acting Officer in Charge Mike Oliver spoke with the NewsMail about the video saying it was common knowledge that "if it's flooded, forget it".

Sgt Oliver said the police were investigating the claims and it was a serious and foolish thing to do.

"Don't do it," he said.

"It's very dangerous."

The NewsMail spoke with Stewart and Sons Coaches operations manager Julie Stewart who viewed the videos.

Mrs Stewart said the buses were definitely not one of theirs.

"We don't have anything on the dashes and it's definitely not ours," she said.

"All our drivers are trained in safety, especially on school buses, they know better and put safety first at all times."

Mrs Stewart said it was up to each individual company to train the drivers not to risk the lives of students.

The NewsMail contacted the two other local bus companies, Duffy's and Coast and Country.

The person who took the phone call at the Duffy's office said she was not able to provide comment and no management was available until the next day.

Coast and Country's Marty Kuhlewein said he was unable to determine from the still shots if it this was one of their buses.

"Nonetheless, we will be investigating into this further to determine if this was the case," he said.

"As part of this process we will be reminding all drivers to observe caution and not to take chances on flooded roads.

"I would also like to take this opportunity to remind all road users to stay safe and not to take any chances, no matter how well they may know the roads they are travelling one."

Another video from a separate incident surfaced on Thursday morning from a student travelling on the Booyan, Sharon route.

The Snapchat video shows the bus going past road closure signs.

The signs state: "road closed, no entry due to flooding."

The student said it was a Stewart and Sons bus and that four students on board at the time were all "freaking out a bit".

Mrs Stewart viewed this video and said if it was their bus, they were allowed as the signs were being taken down.

A spokesperson for Transport and Main Roads said safety was always the first consideration. 

"The safety of customers and staff is our number one priority," they said.

"We take these matters very seriously and TransLink is undertaking an investigation into this incident.

"We strongly urge drivers not to drive into flooded waters or on closed roads.

"It is every motorist's responsibility to ensure they obey all traffic and road signs to ensure the safety of themselves and others."

Remember if it's flooded, forget it.

For up-to-date traffic and travel information, visit the QldTraffic website at or call 13 19 40.

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