WATCH: 4WD rams sedan for allegedly doing burnouts

FOOTAGE of a 4WD ramming another vehicle allegedly caught doing burnouts has divided viewers online.

The video, captured on the 4WD's dash cam, shows the vehicle coming bumber-to-bumper with a Ford sedan on a rural road.

The Falcon quickly reverses before trying to get round the 4WD, clipping its rear on the 4WD's bull bar as it speeds past.

The 4WD does a U-turn to pursue the vehicle, dodging debris from the sedan left on the road.

But the video, posted on Dash Cam Owners Australia's Facebook page, has received mixed responses. 

Some have praised the 4WD owner for "their efforts" while others have blasted the driver for his actions.

What is your view?

Note, Dash Cam Owners Australia has said they do not condone or recommend ramming vehicles caught breaking the law.