Anti-vaxx and 5G protesters defy restrictions across states

Hundreds of anti-vaccination, anti-5G, conspiracy theorist protesters have blocked a highway in Brisbane as similar protests took place in Melbourne and Sydney today.

The protesters carried placards calling the coronavirus pandemic a "scam" and declaring their opposition to 5G mobile technology and vaccination.

In Brisbane, protesters marched from Brisbane's City Hall through major roads in the CBD. Drivers in the city have been warned to expect delays as the protesters move through the city.

Demonstrators claiming the COVID-19 pandemic was a "scam" also gathered at the Royal Botanic Gardens in Melbourne today, carrying signs declaring they were against vaccines and 5G technology.



Their placards claimed "5G = communism", "COVID 1984" and "our ignorance is their strength".

They booed police - clad in gloves and face masks - who warned the crowd that they were breaching social-distancing rules designed to slow the spread of coronavirus.

In a statement, police said those found in breach of COVID-19 directions faced fines of $1652 each.





In Sydney, up to 500 protesters voiced conspiracy theories regarding not only vaccination, but also 5G telecommunication networks, fluoride and large pharmaceutical corporations.

The group convened at Hyde Park in the CBD before holding a singalong of anti-vaccination songs and walking to NSW Parliament House.

They chanted "freedom of choice" and "my body, my choice" on the march, with some attempting to raise the spectre of a "new world order".

The walk passed without incident or police intervention.



When asked about the protest, Victoria's chief health officer Brett Sutton said "there's no message that can get through to people who have no belief in science".

"There's probably no reaching them," he told reporters earlier.

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