VIRAL VIDEO: 'This is how not to do a recovery'

VIDEO of a "bunch of amateurs" trying to recover a vehicle bogged on an Aussie beach is going viral.

The video has quickly amassed over 750,000 views since it was posted on Friday after a number of four-wheel-drive Facebook pages shared Steve Maddock's post.

The video begins with a white four-wheel-drive towing a trailer with two jet skis, bogged in the surf on Moana Beach in South Australia.


"Here's a bunch of amateurs, if I've ever seen them," the male commentator in the video says.

"There's about four dudes standing around a snatch snap under flat out pool.

"They've already, I think, broke the winch cable snatching off the winch cable or something along those lines."

A blue four-wheel-drive then unsuccessfully tries to pull the car out of the hole.

"This is how not to do a recovery," the male says.

It backs up again, this time tailgate to bumper and shooting forward, jerks the bogged vehicle out, unhitching the trailer in the process and a jet ski falls off when it comes to an abrupt halt.

"They got them out and oh, they lost a jet ski as well," says the male. "That's gold."

A group then, with an audible grunt, lift the jet ski back onto the trailer.

"Sounds like someone down there is very upset," the male commentator says.


The trailer is then unhitched and left in the lapping water while the white four-wheel-drive is driven out of the way.

"I reckon there is enough people down there to organise a recovery," says the male.

"Or a barbeque," a woman, off camera says.

The blue four wheel that pulled the bogged car out is then backed in and hitched to the jet ski trailer.


"The Pajero's off, now the Triton's on," says the male. "The recovery bus apparently."

The blue four-wheel-drive accelerates forward and immediately sinks into the soft sand.

"Bet you no one has let tires down for a start, they're probably all in high range as well," the male filming says.

Attempts to push the vehicle out are unsuccessful and another vehicle is backed in to tow the blue four-wheel-drive.

"Now the Pajero is recovering the Triton," the male says. 

"That's recovering the jet skis," says the woman off camera.

"This is how not to deal with a situation on the beach," says the male.

After a few attempts, the blue four-wheel-drive is pulled out.


And a jet ski falls off the back of the trailer in the process.

"And they've lost a jet ski again!" the male filming exclaims.

"This is what you call comedy of errors...and we're horrible people because we're not helping, we are mocking society," the woman off camera says.

"I don't get off on helping idiots," says the male.

The video has attracted hundreds of comments on the four-wheel-drive Facebook pages it has been posted to with some criticising the male commentating on the video for standing there filming the recovery and not giving them a hand.

Watch the video below and then tell us what you think.


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