TRUCKIE Tony Holland has clocked thousands of kilometres over his career but a particular 300km stretch he drove in January was the hardest he had ever covered.

It was the moment he was told his son Dallas, also a truck driver, was struck and killed while securing his load on a verge on the Logan Mwy.

Dallas' death was a second tragedy for Tony, whose truck driver father was killed in similar circumstances 45 years prior.

Dallas, from Laidley, was farewelled with a show truck procession from Dinmore to his funeral at Toowoomba last month.

The Toowoomba driver is drawing heavily on his 39 years behind the wheel and is begging other road users to be aware of their surroundings and potentially prevent an avoidable fatality.

"Until something like this happens, it's a wakeup call for everybody to look out for your fellow drivers," he said.

"They just seem to go hell for leather all the time, it's just a big rate race.

Tony Holland's son Dallas was killed while securing his load on the Logan Mwy.
Tony Holland's son Dallas was killed while securing his load on the Logan Mwy. Nev Madsen


"I see people texting, on their laptops and on their computers when traffic is moving.

"There are still a lot of people out there that do look out for each other but there are a certain minority that don't, they just don't seem to care. It's not worth taking a life. If you save a life you're doing well."

Tony has spent the best part of four decades trucking goods across the nation, including 20 years of interstate driving, but since his son's death, has switched jobs to make sure he drives closer to home.

"I felt like any father would be, I was on my way to Melbourne and I spent the night on the side of the road at a BP garage in NSW. I had to organise to get my load into Melbourne and then drove to my cousin's at Dubbo," he said.

"I've been driving trucks for nearly 39 years and I've done some hard miles in my life but that 300km I drove to Dubbo was the hardest in my life. I've done liquid tankers, road trains, just about everything. Ever since Dallas' death I decided to get a local job instead of interstate. I've had a couple of near misses."

Tony is calling for the State Government to help drivers get through their trip safely by building safe pull-off lanes on major highways.

Dallas Holland
Dallas Holland


"I went down and had a look at where it happened and Dallas didn't have much room," he said. "He pulled up where he could to fix it, to stop the strap from going through someone's windscreen or stop the load coming off.

"It has taken a death for them realise they need to do something."

A Transurban Queensland spokesperson said the $512 million Logan Enhancement Project would begin in the middle of the year.

"Construction of Transurban Queensland's $512 million Logan Enhancement Project will start in mid 2017," the spokesperson said.

"The project involves upgrading the Logan Mwy and Gateway Extension Mwy, including constructing new south-facing ramps at Compton Road to match the existing north-facing ramps, and fixing key congestion hot spots (Beaudesert Road/Mt Lindesay Highway interchange, Wembley Road and the Gateway Extension Motorway/Logan Motorway interchange).

"Construction will take about two years to complete.

"Other works underway include embankment remediation works on the Gateway Extension Motorway (eastbound) near Compton Road and the Logan Motorway near Drewvale as well as minor road resurfacing works, as required."

Editor's note: an earlier version of this story identified Tony Holland as Terry Holland. 

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