VIDEO | It costs HOW MUCH to raise children?

EVER thought about how much our kids really cost us?

New data from Suncorp Bank shows Aussie parents spend on average about $1370 each month for every child, which includes food, transport, education, childcare and housing costs.

The age group that costs parents the most are "tweens", or 9-11 year olds, who cost parents about $1630 per month.

The figures from Suncorp's Cost of Kids report has also revealed parents in the south east region are the biggest spenders when it comes to kids, while parents in north Queensland spend the least.

Do these figures surprise you?

They surprised some of the young men in this video who were interviewed about the cost of raising children.

Twelve men, aged 23-30 years old, were asked about how much they thought it cost to raise a kid.
Video provided by Suncorp Bank