Dr Glen Richards joins the TV series Shark Tank.
Dr Glen Richards joins the TV series Shark Tank. Channel 10

TV's new shark has some bite

S A veterinarian and the brains behind a multi-million dollar pet care empire, Dr Glen Richards knows a thing or two about going tooth and nail at work.

And the claws are well and truly coming out as he fights for a bite of the entrepreneurial action on Shark Tank.

The founding managing director of Greencross and co-founder and director of Mammoth Pet Holdings Pty Ltd (Petbarn) before it merged with Greencross, Dr Richards is a fresh face on season two of the show.

He's joined by fellow Sharks Janine Allis (Boost Juice), Steve Baxter (internet pioneer), Andrew Banks (The Vento Group) and Naomi Simson (Red Balloon) on the hunt for the next big idea to turn into a profitable venture.

"It turns out we share a common trait and that's that we're aggressively competitive and we took every opportunity to have a crack at those sitting alongside us as we tried to position ourselves as the preferred investor," he tells APN.

"I think we're pretty animated and there's more shark infighting this season... there's not a lot of love lost between some of us, but it's like a good game of rugby; we play hard on the pitch and then can still sit down and have a beer outside."

Aside from the fun of challenging the other Sharks, Dr Richards said he gained a lot of enjoyment from seeing ambitious people come in with good ideas and hearing their stories.

 "It's very exciting for us to have the opportunity to join that journey and to be advisors as well as putting some money into the business to ramp it up.

"We're investors - we're writing our own cheques so we have to be disciplined and invest in people that we want to do business with... and I think this season we've been very supportive and some eye-watering amounts of money have been spent so it's very positive in that sense."

Dr Richards described the show as part entertainment, part inspiration and part education.

"Hopefully the viewers see the importance of the education side and anyone from school children and adults learn about what it takes to take a business idea right through to a successful outcome."

"Anyone with an interest in business should be watching."

Shark Tank airs Sundays at 9pm on Channel 10.

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