Personal trainer Andrew Nuhn has lost 37kg.
Personal trainer Andrew Nuhn has lost 37kg. Rob Williams

Truckie turned trainer: How Andrew lost 37kg

AN OVERWEIGHT, beer- drinking truck driver was living proof 37kg can change somebody's life.

Two years ago Andrew Nuhn was a different person.

The 22-year-old has since completely turned his life around, having shed more than 30% of his body weight.

He has swapped truck driving, beers and Friday nights at the Fernvale pub for a career in personal training, a role in which he can mentor others in his position and guide them on the same journey.

His personal training business,The Living Proof, is evidence a bit of hard work and determination has life- changing results.

"When I was overweight I thought I couldn't do it and I thought I would never get where I want to be, it was going to be too hard and it was too much weight to lose," Mr Nuhn said.

"But when I started to do it and I saw the results of my own training, when I really knew I could do it and just kept going.

"I just want to inspire people and take them on the same journey. I want to show other people they can do it as well.

"To be a role model to other younger guys that would be awesome."


Mr Nuhn lost 37kg in a year but said his health and fitness journey was a long way from over.

"I got bullied at school so I went through a mental barrier as well because I got bullied at school for being overweight," he said.

"I thought it was time to make a change and so I started my journey and it was hard.

"I found self-motivation in that I wanted to do it and I knew I had to do it and I was always thinking about the future. I knew if I kept going down the path I was going down, drinking and partying, it would be bad, so I kicked all that."

Mr Nuhn said he used his own journey to relate to others striving to achieve what he spent the last two years working towards.

"I feel like I can relate a lot more, when they struggle to stay on their diet or to find motivation to go to the gym, I've been there," he said.

"I was probably the only truck driver out there that had a packed lunch every single day, I think I was a rare case.

"I wasn't a stereotypical truck driver, I did my long day but I still had time to exercise.

Andrew Nuhn lost 37kg in a year.
Andrew Nuhn lost 37kg in a year. File


"My major advice is to forget about your past and use it as motivation. Go out there and give it your best crack. You have to start to do it.

"The finish line is a long way away but the journey is worth it."

According to Cancer Council Queensland, overweight and obese Queensland adults need to collectively lose 35.5 million kilos, an average of 15kg per person, to reach the healthy weight range.

The Chief Health Officer's latest report revealed the average Queenslander has gained one kilo every three to four years over the past decade - one in four gained weight in the previous year alone.

Cancer Council Queensland spokesperson Katie Clift said the data showed two-thirds of Queensland adults had taken action to either lose weight or to prevent weight gain in the past 12 months.

"Avoiding weight gain is a challenge for many Queenslanders - Cancer Council works hard to make the healthy choice the easy choice, to help people achieve sustainable lifestyles," Ms Clift said.

"About 45% of Queenslanders work to lose weight by reducing portion sizes, and 40% increase physical activity.

"Small bursts of incidental activity can make a big difference to overall health - gardening, walking to work and playing outdoors with the kids, for example.

"There are great gains to be made with small increases in activity and slight adjustments to the daily diet."

The research also found attitude played a strong role in getting healthy.

"Adults who believed in a benefit from weight loss were more likely to actively manage their weight."

Weight loss challenge accepted

QT chief photographer Rob Williams is no stranger to a gruelling fitness journey but has taken up the challenge to get even fitter this year.

Rob has set out to take up the Cancer Council's challenge and do his part to help reduce the state's excess weight by 35.5 million kilos.

"If losing weight and getting fit was easy, everybody would be sporting rock-hard abs, but it isn't and most of us don't," he said.

"I want to show that losing 15kg is something that is achievable.

"I would never say that losing weight is easy, because it really isn't.

"You need to look at yourself in the mirror, decide that you want to change, and take the steps towards your goals without making excuses."


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