OPINION: Toowoomba firm's actions just shameful

SMALL business owners are the lifeblood of local economies, yet they continually get the sharp end of the stick.

There is no better example than what the owners of the Winston Glades Shopping Centre at Yamanto are doing to Lindy Kirchner, the owner of Mrs K's Coffee shop.

After seven years of paying her rent on time every month, she was given the rudest royal boot you could imagine.


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Mrs Kirchner turned pale when she recently opened a registered letter from the Toowoomba based JM Kelly Group, the owners of Winston Glades.

It didn't say thank you for seven loyal years, it didn't say we are sorry to inform you, it just said pack your bags you're out in August.

The abrupt letter quoted the retail shop leases act, saying it gave them the right to put her out on the street.

The former Ipswich Grammar School teacher paid $250,000 for a battling business seven years ago.

She then invested her life into rejuvenating Mrs K's to become a shop that people wanted to go to.

Her efforts enhanced the profile of Winston Glades enticing many to shop there.

Now she has been left with nothing to sell but old ovens and fridges and some second-hand counters.

Pouring salt into the open wound is the fact that she is also facing a $27,500 bill to clean out the store so she can hand back the keys without penalty.

The JM Kelly Group should hang their heads in shame.

They have rewarded one of their most loyal tenants by destroying her life.

At 57 years of age, Mrs Kirchner has been made almost bankrupt.

If they believe a new plastic corporate shop is the way to go, they are badly mistaken.

It is not too late for the JM Kelly Group to reveal they really do care about people and not just money.

Yes, maybe I am just dreaming.

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