Toowoomba musician Dylan Crowe.
Toowoomba musician Dylan Crowe. Contributed

Toowoomba busker flooded with gigs after viral video

A TOOWOOMBA street musician has been flooded with requests for gigs after a video of him performing was watched by thousands of people.

Dylan Crowe said he had been overwhelmed by the response to him playing outside the Highfields Woolworths in late February.

The video by Kent Glass of Mr Crowe singing The Fray's You Found Me, where the poster asked if anyone knew the name of the singer, was watched by more than 5500 people and featured hundreds of comments praising his voice.

"He has got a amazing voice, my little boy would be chucking a tantrum and as soon as we walk past him he stops and calms down," Cassandra Randall wrote.

When The Chronicle finally tracked down Mr Crowe, he said he had been taken aback by the response from the public and venue owners in Toowoomba.

"I was so humbled by it, it teared me up. I didn't realise what people actually thought. The actual comments dumbfounded me. I was lost for words and I still am," he admitted.

Mr Crowe is a regular busker at the shopping centre, saying that many of the passersby were generous with their praise and money.

"There was one lady who came and wrote me a little letter, saying some nice things and leaving a $100 note. This lady, what she wrote was amazing," he said.

"That shopping centre is my favourite place to busk and the community is so welcoming. 

"The workers inside (the Woolworths) come out and love it when they hear me."

Toowoomba musician Dylan Crowe (right).
Toowoomba musician Dylan Crowe (right). Contributed

The video's popularity caused a wave of gig opportunities across the region, but the 23-year-old said regular gigging was difficult because he didn't have the right gear yet.

"At the moment, I'm squarely a busker because I don't actually have all the equipment I do for gigs," he said.

"I get requests all the time for shows, and they ask me. I would absolutely love to do it, but I really am just one man, one guitar.

"I have definitely considered (GoFundMe campaigns), but it's hard for me to put myself out there and ask people to fund my work."

Mr Crowe has won awards for his song-writing, and in 2011 wrote a song with Thirsty Merc singer Ray Thistlethwaite.

To get in contact with him, send an email to or like his Facebook page.

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