Anti-abortion groups send busloads to flash mob rally

CHRISTIAN and pro-life groups in Toowoomba are ramping up their opposition to an abortion bill before Queensland Parliament.

Busloads of Toowoomba residents will join a "flash mob" at an anti-abortion rally tomorrow.

Organisers say the event, being billed as a "unique, peaceful and powerful" flash mob, is designed to draw attention to the complexities of the issue.

Senator Barry O'Sullivan has organised buses to Brisbane, which will leave from Holy Name car park at 10am and return at 5pm.

Toowoomba Family First candidate Alex Todd said about 15,000 unborn babies were being "killed" each year.

She is opposed to the Abortion Law Reform (Woman's Right to Choose) Amendment Bill, which was tabled by Independent MP Rob Pyne on May 10.

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Ms Todd said the bill would make it easier for women to get abortions.

She called for more information about the time frame of terminations and whether counselling would be required.

Ms Todd said women often regretted abortions which she said were "too easy and too cheap".

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"I believe that every human life is unique and is deserving of care and at every state in every situation needs to be protected.

"When you're talking abortion, it's the smallest people and they have no voice and no opportunity to speak for themselves. Grown-ups need to have conversations for them."

Abortion is technically illegal in Queensland although case law means it is generally regarded as lawful if it is done to prevent physical or mental harm to a woman.

Mr Pyne was contacted for comment.

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