The product in question.
The product in question.

BABY PRODUCT RECALL: Tommee Tippee recalls comforter

PARENTS who have purchased a Tommee Tippee Super Soft Comforter after May are being urged to return them immediately after the company and the ACCC issued a formal recall notice.

"Since a relaunch of the 12 month+ Tommee Tippee Super Soft Comforters in May, we've received feedback from some parents concerned about potential problems caused by the shield being smaller than before," the recall notice said.

"We've taken these reports very seriously, so have carried out a full investigation to reconfirm that the item meets our requirements on safety.

"The new design does meet the mandatory Australian safety standards, but our objective is that our comforters go beyond that, to ensure our customers are using the safest possible products.

"We have concluded that this comforter does not meet that objective, and it is therefore not something we are happy to continue selling. We are redesigning it with a larger shield, and we expect it to be back in stores by October.

"In the meantime, in conjunction with ACCC we are issuing a formal recall notice. We would ask customers who own this comforter to please stop using it immediately and follow the instructions at to obtain a refund or replacement."

The company apologised for any inconvenience the recall would cause parents.

"We fully appreciate that some little ones will be very dependent on their comforter, so we sincerely apologise for the inconvenience this will cause. The safety and reliability of this product is however our overriding concern, so we hope our customers will understand why we have decided that recalling the product is the right thing to do."

This recall only applies to Tommee Tippee Super Soft Comforters age 12 months plus, purchased in Australia or from Australian websites from late May 2016. The previous (and larger) version of the same product line, still available at some retailers, is not recalled. Full details of how to identify the recalled item are available at the link provided above.

No other Tommee Tippee products are affected by this recall.

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