See Thy Art is Murder on their killer tour happening right now. Photo Contributed
See Thy Art is Murder on their killer tour happening right now. Photo Contributed Contributed

Thy Art Is Murder are killing it

Thy Art Is Murder have been touring relentlessly despite losing their vocalist in a very public display after CJ McMahon called attention to how difficult it was to survive as an artist and left the band.

Now with Triple J presenter Lochlan Watt  temporarily filling in for the foreseeable future and Ciffin Dragger tour smashing its way through regional towns, we thought it would be a good time to ctach up with intrepid guitarist Andy Marsh and find out what things are like in the Thy Art camp at the moment.

Lachlan Watt

Marc Stapelberg: How is Lochlan going on tour?

Andy Marsh: It went great. He came in last minute and had to learn the whole set in about 48 hours on a plane. Considering all the circumstances it was sick.

The Europe tour was great. I mean I guess it was a tricky time for the band losing a very prominent front man in the scene and then having a few replacements but I think that just made it better when we did win the crowd over.

Australian Tour

MS: What's the reception been like on your Australian Coffin Dragger Tour?

AM: Great. Way better than expected. We had the Sunshine Coast and Gold Coast in Queensland so far and we have Coffs Harbour tomorrow. First show was great the second, show was sold out beyond capacity, so pretty happy with it.

MS: What's next after the tour?

AM: Some time off. Have a bit of a rest. We've basically been out for three or four months now and before that we had about three weeks off. So we haven't had much time off for the last five years. We going to try have two and half months off and have a bit of a rest and then go back to Europe and try crush it with Whitechapel.

It is a co-headline idea that we had. Us and Whitechapel and then stack a heavy tour package for Never Say Die 2016 which is a touring festival they put out in Europe at the end of every year.

MS: You've been playing the songs for a while now, have any songs risen to the top?

AM: We haven't got to play all of them which is kind of upsetting because we've been stuck supporting quiet a lot - we haven't had time to focus on the new record. I mean it's not unfortunate it's just kinda of how this cycle ended up working out. I mean we ended up getting a world tour with Parkway but having a support set has its restraints time wise and song choice wise and what you should pick. We haven't got to play the whole record but from what we've been playing, it's been working out great. I mean coffin dragger has been a very high energy kind of song that's been going down great in Australia, Europe and America. And that wasn't really a single and had no music video or anything like that. So it's good when you have those kind of songs come up and become a crowd or a band favourite.

MS: Now that you are on your own tour do you have more new songs?

AM: We do but I think we are playing now 12 or 14 songs. We are playing for an hour and a bit which is quite a long time for us. Especially when your match fitness has been playing support tours we've played 20-25 minutes for the last year and a half. But no we haven't whipped out all of the tunes because we quiet simply haven't had the time to get together and rehearse them. We've drawn on songs that we've been playing in our set list for the last year and a half. Or in other smaller set lists we've combined them in a way that it flows in a way that we enjoy it and I guess this is the most eclectic show we've ever played. We play at least two songs from every release and it kind of ebbs and flows in a way that we find enjoyable.

MS: Anything unique about this Australian tour?

AM: It is definitely interesting venues. I mean the whole idea with this Coffin Dragger tour, kinda of came up with the idea the end of last year, we've been doing a lot of touring and going near the same places a lot and that's great cause you get consistency and reliability and everyone knows where everything is, so we tried to put ourselves outside the comfort zone again and go to new places. And Coffin Dragger tour is about going to new places. We've done that in the states. We've done basically every state in America now except for Alaska, Hawaii and I think Montana is the only other one we have left to hit now. Europe was the same - Romania, Finland and Spain and all these places we don't play and now with Australia it's all regional shows and venues. We haven't played in some places ever and most of them five years. So it is deliberately small venues, high intensity crowd in your face sweaty kind of shows. The first two have been absolutely insane so we've been enjoying them. It's a big change from those bigger festival stages in Europe, and one for the better for a band like us, with the intimacy. Other than that the support bands are sick. We've got Graves; I 'Valiant, who are from Melbourne, and have a new singer who is a psychopath. And we've got great first local support bands the whole tour. Like literally each of the opening bands on the tour that is local could've' been direct or opening support band on the tour. They are just that good, that high calibre.

Australian Bands

MS: Do you think the quality of Australian bands is getting higher?

AM: I think so. I've got to finish this tour and I could probably confirm or deny it. I think more kids are getting an idea of how to become a better band. I think for the moment there we kinda of lost it or it was all about the recording and faking out the recording which every band knows how to do these days. And I guess eventually they figured out 'Oh hang on we've gotta play this stuff live.' The two local bands we had opening this week were super sick, very, very tight bands, great songs, and then I 'Valiant and Graves are also super sick. I don't know, I think it is definitely getting better.

MS: It must having been stressful being on tour after just having a baby - are you looking forward to getting home and relaxing?

AM: There is always work to be done and it is very difficult for the work to get done when you are on tour all the time. It kind of removes a little bit of consistency from your work day. So I'm pretty excited to get home and get cracking on all the Thy Art Is Murder work that I've got piling up in my inbox and sit down with a coffee and my daughter on my lap. She loves to smash the keyboard while I'm sending emails. It's bloody annoying but is kinda of fantastic.

MS: Any stories from the tours you've recently been on?

AM: This tour so far is - Australia being the hardest place to tour -  for its comedic like value. The problem that we are facing right now is everyone wants to go home for a quick visit because we are in Australia, even though we are technically in the middle of a tour. Because you have days off,  it's' While I'll go home.' But it just makes it so ridiculously complicated. You couldn't imagine how hard it is to make five adult men go to play a show together.

Whats Next

MS: What's the plan in terms of new music?

AM: That's probably what the break is mostly going to be dedicated towards. Not recording but thinking about it. But kinda of having a couple of weeks off - it's hard to think with a clear and objective mind when you're in the trenches so to speak. But have a couple of weeks off, relax, let everyone unwind and then go 'when do we want to have a record out?' and then lets move backwards from that. And then try and start to plan the recording and the writing.

Remaining Tour Dates:

Sunday 30th July - Masonic Hall, Wodonga

Tickets available from OzTix

Wednesday 3rd August- Karvora Lounge, Ballarat

Tickets available from OzTix

Thursday 4th August - The Loft, Warrnambool

Tickets available from OzTix

Friday 5th August - Barwon Club, Geelong

Tickets available from OzTix

Saturday 6th August - Pelly Bar, Frankston

Tickets available from OzTix and Moshtix

Sunday 7th August - Phoenic Youth Centre, Footscray

Tickets available from OzTix

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