FIGHTING FIT: Siblings Charlotte and Harry Brand are stepping up in the boxing world.
FIGHTING FIT: Siblings Charlotte and Harry Brand are stepping up in the boxing world. James Liveris

Throwing their hats in the ring

BOXING: After a strong performance at the Elite Queensland Boxing Titles, Roma siblings Harry and Charlotte Brand are on track for the Middlemount tournament later this month.

Last weekend the Brand siblings travelled to Brisbane to fight in the Elite Queensland Boxing Titles, with Charlotte, 14, representing Queensland and Harry, 13, representing the Roma Road Runners.

Coach Ricky Schubert said he was delighted with their performances.

"They fought brilliantly, I could not of asked for anything more,” he said.

The Brand siblings both had a win and loss on the weekend, Charlotte fought against the New Zealand invitational team and Harry fought against the best Queensland fighters for his weight division.

Schubert said they have come a long way in four weeks.

"They may have not come away with wins on both days, but they fought with absolute determination and overall they fought out of their comfort zone,” he said.

"This is only their fifth fight, they've come a long way in one year.

"Six weeks ago they had a couple of losses, and they've done really well to bounce back, I took them back to basics and now they have just exceeded my expectations.”

The siblings are now on track to fight in the Middlemount Tournament on Saturday, November 24.

"They are going really well, I can't see them having any problems winning up there,” he said.

Charlotte and Harry both agreed they they couldn't wait to get in the ring at Middlemount.

To prepare for the tournament, the siblings train four days a week, with intense two-hour sessions, as well as balancing a full load of school work.

"We train four days a week and someone will tell us where we are going to fight and then we just push ourselves a little further,” Charlotte said.

After Charlotte's strong performance in Dalby a couple of weeks ago, she received a phone call asking if she would represent Queensland against New Zealand.

"It was scary,” she said.

"But it was fun and it was good to get a win. I've only had six fights so far.”

Both siblings fight in the orthodox stance, Charlotte fights at under 54kg and Harry fights at under 42kg.

"It would be awesome to win a state title,” Harry said.

Boxing does not run in the Brand blood, the siblings were at the Maranoa PCYC one day when they received an offer to learn.

"We came down to the gym for some fitness and then Dick asked us if we wanted to box, so we took up the opportunity,” Charlotte said.

"We've been boxing since the start of the year and we love it.”

Harry said his favourite part of boxing was pad work.

"Harry has got really good speed work,” Charlotte said.

She said her favourite part of boxing was jumping in the ring and sparring.

When it comes to the hardest part of training, the Brand siblings couldn't nominate one aspect.

"We like it all,” Harry said.

"And next year our little sister will get to join us,” Charlotte said.

Schubert said the goal for this year was to do well at Middlemount then start thinking about state titles.

"We've only got Middlemount to go and then next year we will look at the Queensland titles,” he said.

"We will start working towards that at the end of this year.

"It's a bit late to go for it this year but, yeah, definitely next year, the goal will be a state title.”

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