These are the names of the women who make the best wives

THANKS to, we have been blessed with the top 10 names of "women who make the best wives" ... because it's all about being perfect for the men, right? *eye roll*

1. KATIE. Since we're all about being the best version of ourselves for the men in our lives, we thought we'd kick off with number one. Katie means 'pure', which is exactly how men liked their women in the 1800s. If you're named Katie, then you can rest assured you probably make the BEST wife a man could dream of. Now go and make sure your man shows you how appreciative he is.

2. SOPHIE. This name means 'wisdom' and since it's in second place on the list of women who make the best wives, we can only guess it has to do with their selection in men. A woman named Sophie would be more concerned about being the best person she can be. Not wife.

3. LOUISE. This moniker means 'warrior' and what married woman isn't a warrior at some point in their relationship? They have strength and tenacity to deal with the type of men that compile such lists!

4. SARAH. Aaaaah Sarah ... do you ever think that maybe they just choose the most popular names to throw in these lists to attract the most attention? Anyway, we will play along ... This name means 'princess', which is just what every man wants, right? A high maintenance woman who just wants to be pampered all day without lifting a finger. GO FOR IT, SARAH!

5. EMILY. Here's another quality name, which can certainly challenge those husbands of ours while we attempt to be the best wifey we possibly can. It means 'rival' and that is just what they will get if they talk about this 'best wife' bullsh*t again.

6. CHARLOTTE. This name has increased in popularity over the last decade or so. We're not sure if it would be so popular now after making the list of the ten best wives. Who even wants to be a good wife? Shouldn't we be aiming for greater things? Like being an all-round good person.

7. ELIZABETH. We don't even know where we're going with this one, but if it's good enough for the Queen of England, then it's good enough for us. What makes her a good wife though? Did she ever do the dishes after three meals a day and wipe alternating bottoms when the Royal family were hit with a horror bout of gastro? We think not ...

8. AMY. Meaning 'beloved', this is something all wives should be, whether their list makes the top ten wives or not. If you're married and you've committed to the one person for life, then you are pretty awesome in our book and deserving of being 'beloved' no matter what your name is.

9. JESSICA. Number nine on the list means 'unknown' so we had a look at famous Jessicas and they're all hot. So we can only assume this one made the cut for pure hotness factor. If your name is Jessica and you are married, you are SMOKING HOT!

10. LUCY. Meaning 'light' we're hoping whoever put together this list eventually saw the light. To all the men who may still be reading to this point (it's a stretch, we know), then tell your wife that she is the best in your eyes, even if her name is Hilda (no offence, Hilda).

This article appeared on Kidspot and has been republished with permission.

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