The rules to break to get rich

WE'RE taught a lot of rules when we're growing up. Don't self-promote, it's not polite. Study hard - that way you'll guarantee a good future. Knowledge is power - so store it up! Be prepared to work harder than anyone else - it's how you get to the top. And wait your turn - that's fair.

It turns out that rebellion, in many cases, leads to riches instead. Here's how.

Myth: Let your achievements speak for themselves

Instead: Promotion prevails

Love 'em or hate 'em, the Kar-Jenner clan did not become a billion-dollar empire by hiding. Whether you're an employee or entrepreneur, self-promotion is a must. Downplaying your accomplishments is not humble, it's harming you. As 19th century US businessman P.T Barnum once said: "Without promotion, something terrible happens … nothing!" Yep. Nada.

This your official permission to be in-your-face self-promoter. Because without it, you won't get anywhere. Why? Because people won't know about you. Are you telling your boss (or her boss) about your wins? Are you letting enough people know about your small business? Are you getting media and PR for the cool service or product you sell?

Trust me - it's easier than you think.

You can never assume that anyone is aware of your achievements. Or even aware of you at all! Quiet achievers finish last. When more people are aware of you they are able to hire you, elevate you, promote you. There's nothing good for you (or anyone else) about hiding your light.

Myth: Education is everything

Instead: Education is overrated

In the best-selling book Think and Grow Rich, author Napoleon Hill says, "Knowledge isn't power, it's only potential power." Boom! What's the use of storing information in your head unless it's serving people? It's all about innovation, not education. If you've got something to give that serves the lives of others - advice, event planning skills, consulting services, a fresh fashion line - great! Get it out there. Let people see you and allow yourself to add value to them. That's what money really represents - a value exchange. You provide something worthwhile, a customer provides material support.

Don't study. Serve!

Myth: Be the hardest working person you know

Instead: It's ain't about how hard you work

If you're a receptionist and you have days where the phone rings 100 times a day versus the regular 10-15, this won't make you more money. Neither will delivering more mail. Not scheduling more appointments for a team. Not even how many coffees you make or how big you smile. The path to riches is through asking for more, levelling up your skills and reminding yourself there's no such thing as a fixed income.

Are you regularly asking for a raise? Get involved in deeper projects where you learn on the job? Or in your free time (and any time bored at your desk!) get that side hustle on? I know a receptionist at a law firm in New York selling jewellery on Etsy at her desk in her quiet hours. I know another account manager at an ad agency pulling together look books for her personal stylist clients during lunch breaks, so she is prepared for her weekend gig. Brilliant! There's nothing like being paid to start a business.

Myth: Wait your turn

Instead: Today is your turn

There's nothing to wait for. What's holding you back? If you're a human being and you have ambition, now is the time to act. You can wait two, three or five years for a promotion that may never come (the boss always preferred your smug co-worker anyway!) or you can carpe diem. Becoming an entrepreneur as early as possible in life has been proven historically to lead to topping the wealth scales.

Can you start a gig on the side? It's never been easier. I started my coaching business during evenings and weekends and after 18 months left my $500k job (where I was delighted to leave my awful boss). I felt it was unethical of me to not share my deepest talents with the world. Are you holding back somehow, too?

Rich people know this: waiting your turn is futile - because there's no such thing. Entrepreneurship can start small but become big, fast (so side hustle on!) Studying is only useful if it leads to service. Work wisely, not hard. And let yourself be seen. Go, act, start! Make the most of right now and the future will take of itself.

- Susie Moore is an Australian high-performance coach, consultant and author based in New York. She's been featured on the Today show, Forbes, and more. If you're curious about starting (or scaling) your side hustle, sign up for her free workshop here.

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