SOAPBOX: Ignore the ads, gay parents make great parents

COMMENT BY MEGAN MACKANDER: "THAT'S not equality for kids, that's not marriage".

Those are the words that flashed across my television screen that made me shake my head.

A 43-second advertisement from Australia Marriage Forum president David van Gend, who said children had an "equal right" to both a mum and a dad "wherever possible".

But in the clip he was only captioned as a "family doctor". Hmm, dodgy.

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The ad was played on a weekend which was meant to celebrate LGBTI rights in Australia, the Sydney Mardi Gras, but instead it was tarnished with such hateful messages.

Talk about timing. I am a strong advocate for marriage equality and celebrating diversity. This ad does insult more than just the gay community. 

I don't identify as gay but I was utterly disgusted at the content and timing of this ad. Same-sex couples make excellent parents and the children of same-sex couples deserve the right to have married parents.

This is a clear statement that it is not okay to be gay.

While the anti-homophobic stance is often associated with the Christian faith, it was refreshing to interview Caloundra Uniting Church Explorers Group member John Everall.

He, along with 40 others in the group, brings a refreshing, modern look at Christianity, where they embrace individuality and accept modern challenges.

The group held a seminar last Thursday night on marriage equality with marriage equality advocate Rev Margaret Mayman guest speaker.

It's not every day you see a poster for a gay marriage seminar at a church, with church-goers.

Hopefully in five years, we won't be having these sorts of seminars because marriage for all couples will be a reality.

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