Matt Boling is a freak of nature.
Matt Boling is a freak of nature.

Teen freak of nature strikes again

IT turns out lightning does strike twice. White lightning, that is.

Eighteen-year-old Matthew Boling shot to worldwide fame last month when he ran the fastest 100m dash ever recorded by a high school athlete, blitzing the field in a scintillating time of 9.98 seconds - just 0.4 seconds off Usain Bolt's world record and the fastest time by any American under the age of 20 in all conditions.

That run was wind-assisted, but even when conditions aren't in his favour he's now showed he's a true freak of nature with a stunning performance at the 6A High School Championships in Austin, Texas on the weekend.

Let's start with him running his 100m final in a wind-legal 10.13 seconds - a time US media outlets have reported as shattering the record for the fastest effort at a high school meet, bettering the previous mark of 10.15 seconds set 29 years ago.

It's also reportedly the fourth fastest wind-legal 100m time by any American high school student in history.

Boling's April run of 9.98 seconds wasn't considered a national record because of the wind factor but there was no denying him this time as he bettered his previous wind-legal personal best by 0.09 seconds.

"When I looked at the race before us and saw the wind was 1.3 (metres per second), I was like, 'Oh, I'm excited'," Boling said. "Because after last week everyone was like, 'Oh, the wind was illegal' and stuff like that. So I'm like, 'All right, I'll just drop a fast time today'."

Didn't he what.

And if you don't mind, the Strake Jesuit College student also won the long jump title with a second jump of more than 7.73m. None of his rivals could get within a foot of him even as he sat out the final four rounds to save himself for his next race.

That was impressive, but Boling saved his most incredible effort for last, anchoring the 4x400m relay and pulling out a blistering final leg to give his team a thrilling come-from-behind win.

Boling had plenty of work to do when he received the baton 30m behind the leader. Used to being the hunted rather than the hunter, the teenager turned on the gas. His long legs striding out, he made ground up around the bend but still victory looked like an impossible task.

But as the crowd's roars intensified, so too did his speed. Bit by bit he made up ground on the straight until 20m from the finish he surged into the lead.

Incredibly, he ran his 400m leg in just 44.74 seconds - not that far off the world record of 43.03 seconds set by South Africa's Wayde van Niekerk.

It could be a case of high school one day, Tokyo 2020 Olympics the next for this rising star.


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