A mother has threatened to kick her teenage daughter out of her own bedroom because she’s ‘living in filth’. Picture: iStock
A mother has threatened to kick her teenage daughter out of her own bedroom because she’s ‘living in filth’. Picture: iStock

Teen says own bedroom a ‘human right’

A DESPERATE mother-of-three has taken to the internet to plead for help in dealing with her "disgusting" 13-year-old daughter.

The unnamed UK mother posted her dilemma on popular parenting site Mumsnet recently, explaining her daughter was "living in filth" and that her messy bedroom was a potential health hazard.

She said she was so frustrated by the situation she was considering giving the bedroom to the girl's 10-year-old brother, and instead forcing her to share a room with her other seven-year-old brother.

At the moment, the two boys share a room while the girl has her own space.

As you would expect, the threat has not gone down well, with the girl arguing it's her "human right" to have her own room.

"I am so sick of [my daughter] living in filth. She is disgusting," the mother posted.

"I'm so fed up with her mess that I've told her that if she doesn't sort it out she's sharing with her seven-year-old [brother] and her 10-year-old [brother] can have her room as he will actually appreciate it.

"It's only a small room so gets bad fast and according to her I'm stressing her out telling her to clean it and it's her human right to have a room for herself."

The mother went on to explain the extent of the "filth".

"By disgusting I mean gross she couldn't give a toss what she leaves on the floor including underwear where her [sanitary product] has leaked," the mother explained.

"I've helped her many times to clean it only for the floor to be covered in crap by the next day.

"Even worse if I take clean clothes in for her to put away she just chucks it on top of the mess."

The mother asked if she was being unreasonable to "follow through" with her threat, and explained the mess was so severe the room was "getting flies" when items in the room "go rancid".

She said her daughter even had the nerve to try and "take over" the mother's room whenever she had friends over.

She said the teen did have a bin and laundry basket in her room but was "too bloody lazy" to use either one of them.

But while most commentators supported the mother and shared advice on how to coax her daughter into cleaning up her own room, many slammed the woman for suggesting the girl share with her young brother, claiming the move was unfair and "cruel" to the boy, who had done nothing wrong.

"Well it seems bloody cruel to be honest. Why should the seven-year-old have to share in that mess and step over her [sanitary] stuff? You're punishing him more than her," one person posted, while another added, "Why are you wanting to punish your seven-year-old son for his sister's laziness?"

Many others insisted it was likely just a phase and that most teenagers were notoriously messy, and that the mother should simply "shut the door" and ignore it.

Others shared tips such as barring friends from visiting, removing privileges such as mobile phones until the mess was dealt with and throwing out the girl's belongings if they weren't put away in their place.

The mother eventually admitted she had shared her original post "while angry" and that she would try confiscating her daughter's phone first before moving on to more drastic measures.

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