‘Switched on’ caller helps rescue missing boy

THANKS to the help of one ‘switched on’ member of the public, police have located a two-year-old boy missing from Mudgeeraba since yesterday afternoon.

An amber alert was issued by Queensland police to the Gold Coast and Tweed earlier today pleading for public assistance in locating two-year-old Corben Pearson.

Police feared for the boy’s safety after he was taken from his mother’s house by his grandfather Wayne Neale Pearson, 43, who police said had a “medical condition”.

Coolangatta police Acting Inspector Tony Del Vecchio said in a joint effort between Queensland and Tweed Byron LAC, police responded to a call from a member of the public, who had located the boy with his grandfather at Snapper Rocks, at about 9am.

Insp Del Vecchio said it took officers less than 10 minutes to deploy plain clothed police officers to the area, to where the pair were looking at the surf.

“There was no dramatic arrest,” Insp Del Vecchio said.

“A plained clothed police unit approached the man, and took the child, while the man was restrained by the police.

“There was no form of aggression or violence toward the police or child.”

Back at Coolangatta Police Station Corben was oblivious to the cross-border man hunt to track him down, and was “eating food and watching TV” with his aunty, waiting for his mother to arrive.

“There was no physical evidence of abuse to the child,” Insp Del Vecchio said.

“He’s fine, he’s been checked by the Queensland Ambulance Service.

“He’s having something to eat and drink and watching TV. His aunty is already here and and his mother is on her way.”

Mr Pearson is in custody at Coolangatta Police Station and is assisting police with their investigations into the incident, and has not been charged.

Police thanked the public for their uptake of the amber alerts, which lead to the rescue of the boy.

“We are very relieved that a member of the community has taken notice of the amber alert and remained vigilant and did what was asked of the members of the public to do.

“A male person who happened to be very switched on at the time, thank God, recognised the boy and the grandfather, phoned 000 and observed the vehicle, which resulted in the young fellow being rescued.

“It was less than 10 minutes from the initial call to police to the child being in police custody.”

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