Financial collapse behind supermarket's shock closure

BREAKING: It has been revealed that a Toowoomba supermarket that closed without warning has gone into liquidation.

Surrounding businesses, customers and staff have all been left in the dark over the immediate future of the Bridge St Plaza IGA.

In a notice filed on the Australian Securities and Investments Commission, liquidators were appointed on August 5.

Worrells Solvency and Forensic Accountants has been appointed as liquidator.

A handwritten sign on the front door and a typed sign at the receiving area informs customers and distributers the business is "closed until further notice".

Centre owner Warwick Edge said the owners of IGA, Metcash, needed to take action and revive the store.

Bridge St Plaza, Toowoomba.
Bridge St Plaza, Toowoomba. Elouise Quinlivan

After 10 years of trading at the centre, the IGA head tenancy has five years remaining, but the lights are off as refrigerated and fresh food remains on the shelf. 

He said it was both frustrating and disappointing to be left out of the conversation surrounding the stores future.

"Metcash holds the head lease and sublease to the operator. If the operator goes broke Metcash has to sort out the mess," he said.

"It's out of our hands, and we're not really players in this situation."

"It could reopen overnight or it could take another week, or another two weeks, we're completely outside of the decision making."

He said while the IGA was closed in the centre, the surrounding businesses, including a pharmacy, bottle shop, hairdressers, bakery and restaurants were still trading and needed support.

"We've expressed our concern and said it's important they open the business ASAP."

Metcash has been contacted for comment.

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