Woolworths is accused of being
Woolworths is accused of being "sneaky" for selling its own range of "Farmers' Own Milk" to make money off shoppers who are opting not to buy Woolworths' brand of milk.

Woolworths' "sneaky" reaction to people buying other milk

WOOLWORTHS has been caught milking public anger over low dairy farmer payments for milk solids by marketing one of its brands as an independently-owned product.

Farmers' Own Milk, costing $3.25 for two litres, has a farmer on the bottle's label and appears to have been produced by an industry co-operative.

However, the product's rear label shows it is actually produced by Woolworths.

John Cochrane, from the dairy industry group Premium Daily, said the supermarket giant was "misleading" consumers who were boycotting supermarket-own brand milk in favour of dairy co-operative products.

"It is very sneaky," Mr Cochrane told media outlet New Daily.

"The ill-informed customer thinks they're helping the farmer and they are to a certain point.

"But the supermarket gets a lot more."

Woolworths defended the product, saying it was made from milk solids purchased from farmers.

"We purchase Select milk from processors, not direct from farmers, and so have no control over farmgate prices," the company said in a statement to news.com.au.

"We have recently put in place long-term contracts to offer farmers and processors certainty to invest in their businesses.

"We know that customers want farmers to get a fair price for their product and the direct relationship between Woolworths and Farmers' Own dairy farmers is delivering that.

"The farm gate price is negotiated directly with farmers and both parties are happy with the agreement."

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