I WAKE UP WITH TODAY: Gidgee's Bush Camp staff in Morven with Today Show weather presenter Natalia Cooper this morning.
I WAKE UP WITH TODAY: Gidgee's Bush Camp staff in Morven with Today Show weather presenter Natalia Cooper this morning. Contributed

Southwest Queensland wake up with Today

THE spotlight was shining down on Morven and Dirranbandi this morning as the Today Show broadcast live from the heart of southwest Queensland.

Syliva Jefferys and Tim Gilbert were live from the town centre of Dirranbandi, whilst Natalia Cooper presented the weather from Gidgee's Bush Camp in Morven.

Owner of the popular bush cafe, Kylee Tindale-Smith, better known as Gidgee, said it was a fantastic opportunity for the drought-stricken community.

"We certainly showed them what western Queensland had to offer,” Gidgee said.

An important message Gidgee wanted to get across during the live cross was how important mulga trees were to the west.

"We also talked about our tree of life and of course in the west the Mulga is our tree of life.

"The circle represents the generations of farmers that continue to work the land. The roots represent our connection to the earth and how we are passionate about it and how it would be hard to leave. The trunk was about the women of the land and how they keep it all together. The branches represent how we stick together in a community and come together and look after each other in times of drought. That was a really good message to get across,” she said.

In Dirranbandi, Tanya Thomas from the Tucka Shack had a special visit from Syliva Jefferys in her cafe this morning

"Syliva Jefferys came into my shop to meet us and wanted to talk about the drought and how we are all coping,” Tanya said.

"I have been back in town for only four months after 38 years away and Syliva asked me why I came back and bought a business in this time of drought. My response was I have a connection to this place and communities like this it is about coming back and supporting the town.

"I think it is important that there has also been a focus on the town as well as the farmers because if we don't have the people coming into town ,we have to then look at cutting back costs,” she said.

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