Sorry love, but you're not my perfect binge partner

News Corp Australia

IT'S no secret that the world's love of pets has reached epic heights.

From cat cafes in Melbourne and Sydney to the Aussie ledge who keeps pet crocs (both freshies and salties) in her backyard - it comes as no surprise that our four legged doggos, kitties and budgies have infiltrated our entertainment habits as well.

According to a new survey by Netflix, when it comes to watching TV, most Aussies (59%) find pets to be the best binge partner.

Work or school can be a bit of dog's breakfast and sometimes you want to come home and cark it in front of your screen to have some downtime with Netflix.

Not only do pets not hog the remote or judge your entertainment tastes (well, maybe), they make the perfect partners for the company, the cuddles (one in three have turned to their furry friends for comfort during a sad or scary scene) and even the conversation (25% have talked to their pet about the show or movie they were watching).


• 59% of AUS think pets are the best binge partner
• 70% of AUS members have watched Netflix with their pet
• 67% of AUS members watch Netflix with their pet for the company
• 25% of AUS members have talked about a show with their pet
• 32% of members made their pet cuddle with them during a sad or scary scene
• 49% of AUS members have moved where they were sitting so their pet would be more comfortable
• 15% of members have bribed pets with treats to watch longer
• 14% of AUS members have turned off a show because their pet didn't appear to like it