Six simple hacks you need to know before moving house

WE all put off moving house because we can't face the idea of packing and unpacking.

A recent survey from one of the major listings portals revealed that 61 per cent of homeowners feel moving house is more stressful than getting a divorce. 

But some simple hacks to help you relocate will cut down on the stress and improve the experience, although it's unlikely to turn it into a pleasant task.

1. Get started early: A big part of the problem is that the removalists are arriving tomorrow and you haven't started packing yet. As soon as you know the move is happening, start packing. Get the boxes and immediately start packing away all non-essentials. Devote two hours every night to it and you can easily get a couple of rooms packed in a week.

2. Sheets are great for fragiles: Everybody owns a few sets of tea towels, bed sheets, towels, face washers, hand towels and bathmats. Use them to pack your crockery and glassware! It's cheaper than bubble wrap and it means you don't have to use another box to pack that linen in! Top tip - soft t-shirts make for excellent ornament padding. 

3. Move in cooler months: Summer is brutal in Queensland and it's a hot and sweaty job when you're lifting boxes and heavy furniture into a moving van. It's also unpleasant to be scrubbing bathrooms when it's 35 degrees outside. Try to move in cooler months - winter is great, although it gets darker earlier. Spring and autumn are a happy medium. In the capital cities, the rates can be higher because summer is peak moving period. So it's possible that moving in winter can save you money.

Moving house can be a pain
Moving house can be a pain Contributed

4. Zip lock bags: Stock up on zip lock bags of all sizes. Aldi sells them really cheaply in four different sizes. These are perfect for things like jewellery (earrings and rings are small and don't get lost in a zip lock bag) and also shampoo bottles and perfume bottles.

5. Utilities: Make a list of all of your utilities service providers, account numbers and provider phone numbers and then make it a priority to make at least one or two calls a day for a week or two. Or better yet, contact a company like who will take care of the whole hassle for you. Your real estate agent will also be able to put you in touch with Direct Connect. They'll organise to have your internet, Foxtel, gas, electricity, and phone services reconnected as well as have all your mail redirected - for free.

6. Clear labelling system: It's possible to use five to 10 boxes just on one bedroom, so you need a clear labelling system so that you're not hunting through every box looking for your pyjamas on the first night in your new home. Put all essentials in one box, such as your pyjamas, sheets for the bed that first night, bedside clock, phone charger - anything that you use on a daily basis from your bedroom.  And then mark that box with "Master bedroom - box 1". The box marked #1 for each room is the first one unpacked and should contain all the essentials.

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