Gympie Magistrates Court
Gympie Magistrates Court

Single mum’s night out goes badly wrong: Gympie court

A YOUNG Southside mum's first night out "in about four years" ended disastrously with assault charges that brought her to Gympie Magistrates Court this week.

Tiffany Jean Bouveng, 23, pleaded guilty to assaulting one person and attempting to assault another on November 30 in Gympie.

The court was told Bouveng was formerly best friends with the person she tried to assault, but they had become estranged because of something that person had said to Bouveng's partner.

The night went wrong when Bouveng saw her two victims at a CBD nightclub.

She ran across the floor of the club and attempted to punch the woman, prompting the male to attempt to block her punch.

She punched him, causing him to fall onto a table.

After club security told her to leave, she had stayed in the area, yelling at the woman to come out.

Police found her in a nearby car park.

Bouveng's lawyer told the court Bouveng was a single mother of two and this had been her first night out in about four years.

Her former best friend had disclosed personal information to Bouveng's partner and she saw that as a betrayal of the friendship, the court was told.

Magistrate Chris Callaghan said Bouveng had been unrepentant on the night, but said her guilty plea seemed to indicate she now regretted her actions.

He fined her $400 with no conviction recorded.

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