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Should we increase BAC limit to 0.08?

A QUEENSLAND magistrate's suggestion that the legal blood alcohol limit should be raised has sparked furious online debate with many suggesting courts need to get tougher on drink-driving.

 Magistrate Neil Lavaring questioned why Queensland had changed from the old 0.08 limit, saying people at the lower end of the scale were not 'grossly affected'.

 He said authorities should be more concerned about people with higher end readings.

The DrinkWise website states an individual with a blood alcohol reading of 0.05 is twice as likely to have a crash than before they began drinking.

Numerous people commenting on the issue on social media said they believed the limit should be zero, rather than increased.

But Graham Woodman disagreed, saying: "I think 0.14 is much more realistic. The number of drink driving cases would drastically lower."

Should the legal blood alcohol limit be raised?

This poll ended on 22 August 2018.

Current Results

Yes. It should be 0.08


No. Let it stay at 0.05


No. It should be zero


This is not a scientific poll. The results reflect only the opinions of those who chose to participate.

Krystle Angel didn't want any increase in the limit, saying the suggestion was a "slap in the face to loved ones who have lost a family member to a drunk driver"

Kate Murray wrote:  "I'd feel a lot better driving if no one had any alcohol or drugs on board. But if it can't be 0 leave it where it is.

"The Magistrate who suggested change should be thinking about the p*** poor sentences handed down on serious crimes. If they want to free up courts treat it like other driving offences that have automatic fines and penalties."

Tony Mascord wrote: The only reason its 05 now is because in NSW it started out at 08 but Peter Brock in all his wisdom thought it would be a good idea if it was lowered to his number 05 for a six month trial which never ended!"

Shane Craig suggested another approach.

"It should be like the old days. If you can cover one eye and insert the key on the first attempt then your good to go."

But Phil Twiner was more serious:  "That is like four standard drinks over a two hour period. Quite high for any drinker. I would not risk driving after one beer. Two drinks would mean not driving for an hour."

Earl Nobbs posted: "If the courts would take the offence seriously this problem would probably not exist.

"How many times have you read where an impaired driver has been picked up 12 or 15 times and the magistrate has stated if you come before me one more time your going to be incarcerated.

As hard as the police work if the courts don't do their job nothing will change."


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