A man was sentenced to prison following a shootout on Taramoore Rd in December last year.
A man was sentenced to prison following a shootout on Taramoore Rd in December last year.

Man turned black-market bolt-action rifle on police

UPDATE: RICKY James Bauer appeared in Rockhampton District Court today and pleaded guilty to 12 charges relating to a shootout with police in Gracemere late last year.

The court heard Bauer, now 42, purchased a bolt-action rifle and rounds of ammunition on the black market, before he drove up from Brisbane to Gracemere with the intention of "taking his own life" in front of a complainant at their home.

The court heard Bauer arrived at the residence about 9pm and yelled at the complainant to come out of the house, which she was hiding inside with her brother and a child.

Bauer then approached the window with the loaded rifle and peered through the glass, before he smashed a window with the butt of his rifle.

Police arrived on scene soon after.

Defence lawyer Tom Polley told the court when Bauer realised he couldn't follow through, he turned the gun on a police officer - the second complainant in the case - and walked towards him in a "crouched position, with his scope to the eye" in the hope the officer would shoot him in a "police assisted suicide".

The officer drew his gun and ordered Bauer to drop his weapon before he fired three rounds, none of which hit Bauer, before Bauer dropped the rifle and was arrested.

Judge Burnett said he took Bauer's intentions to take his own life with "a grain of salt" given there were four to five rounds of ammunition in the rifle, and a box in the car.

Judge Burnett said there was an element of "premeditation and planning" to his actions.

Mr Polley told the court Bauer was consuming about one gram of methylamphetamine every few days before his offending, and that he had barely slept in the two weeks leading up to the shootout.

He told the court Bauer was remorseful for his actions, and had asked him to apologise on his behalf to the two complainants, and other people in the house at the time of offending.

Bauer had served 237 days in custody for for the December 22, 2015 offence.

He was also charged with wilful damage, drug possession and breaching court orders.

Bauer was sentenced to three years imprisonment with a parole release date of December 23 this year.


EARLIER: THE MAN at the centre of a shooting incident in Gracemere last year will be sentenced in Rockhampton District Court this morning.

The Warwick man, Ricky James Bauer, faced 12 charges following an alleged shoot-out with police at a Taramoore St home around 9pm on December 22 last year.

It is alleged the 41-year-old, believed to be under the influence of drugs at the time and armed with a firearm, threatened police and as a result was fired at by officers before being arrested.

Bauer is charged with carrying dangerous goods, possessing dangerous drugs, unlicensed possession of explosives, two counts of failing to take reasonable care of a syringe, receiving tainted property firearm or ammunition, serious assault on a police officer whilst armed, unlawful possession of weapons and wilful damage.

He is due to appear at 9am.

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