The Walk for Daniel -- in honour of slain schoolboy Daniel Morcombe, ends near where this child was reportedly
The Walk for Daniel -- in honour of slain schoolboy Daniel Morcombe, ends near where this child was reportedly "chased and terrorised". Warren Lynam

Club warning of Palmwoods child in danger goes viral

A SUNSHINE Coast football club has been overwhelmed by national attention surrounding its child safety warning after a 13-year-old girl who had stepped off a school bus was "chased and terrorised'' by two men.

Palmwoods Warriors Football Club secretary Tammy Milligan said it was the organisation's duty to warn parents of the incident.

EARLIER: Warning of 'girl chased and terrorised' near soccer club

A Facebook post on Tuesday afternoon warned of two drivers harassing a girl who had got off a bus near the soccer fields on Jubilee Dr.

The drivers - one in a silver sedan and one in a red car with a P plate - were yelling abuse at the teenager and threatening to "get" her as she walked home towards McKees Rd, the post said.

"The young girl came and stood near a family at soccer and when she thought they were gone, she decided to make a run for home.

"However they must have been waiting somewhere else watching for her.

"They then attempted to box her in.

"Thankfully she made it home very scared but safe."

The club urged parents to be vigilant and report any suspicious behaviour.

In the aftermath of the post, the Daily put the warning on its Facebook page and it has been seen more than 50,000 times.

The story has since gained national media attention.

"The response has been largely positive which is good, but we had no idea it would go off like this," Ms Milligan said.

"All we wanted to do was let people know there was some

one in the area and to be mindful of it.

"If any child got hurt I would feel eternally responsible if I didn't say anything.

"It wasn't my intention to create panic. I just wanted this incident to be a talking point for parents to have that conversation about safety with their kids."

Police were unable to confirm if the incident had been reported.

Palmwoods became the centre of national attention in 2003 when teenager Daniel Morcombe disappeared while waiting for a bus.

The annual Walk for Daniel finishes at the Jubilee Dr football grounds.

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