Kurt Kevin Richardson.
Kurt Kevin Richardson.

Roma teen dad goes on crowbar rampage against neighbour

A YOUNG Roma father who had an ongoing feud with his neighbour took things into his own hands when he showed up armed with a crowbar and demanded his neighbour to “come out and fight”.

The Roma Magistrates Court heard at 1pm on October 26, Kurt Kevin Richardson, 19, and the co-accused walked along Downs St each holding a crowbar and the co-accused holding a shovel.

Police prosecutor sergeant David Longhurst said the pair yelled “maggot dog” then stood outside the complainant’s home and demanded he “come out and fight”.

“The victim walked outside and saw the pair holding items in a threatening manner and feared for his safety,” sergeant Longhurst said.

“The pair left, then returned to the home and started to throw rocks at the house and Land Cruiser.

“The defendant swung the crowbar smashing the victim’s letterbox.

“The victim’s neighbour came outside and told them to stop throwing rocks, then defendant told the elderly man to ‘f--k off’”.

Magistrate Peter Saggers asked the defendant’s lawyer what fuelled this behaviour.

Solicitor Leslie Reed said her client and the complainant have had ongoing issues.

“Continually revving cars, comments towards each other at the traffic lights and my client’s workplace,” she said.

“They live close to one another.”

Richardson told the magistrate he didn’t walk down the street with the crowbar, rather he returned to the house once he saw his neighbour holding an axe.

“I’m not going to stand empty-handed while he has an axe,” he said.

Magistrate Saggers said that’s reason for Richardson to have a defence.

However, Ms Reed said her client wants to deal with the matter.

“He accepts he used the crowbar and did break the letterbox,” she said.

“He made full admissions and pleaded guilty at first available opportunity.

“He instructs me that he’s had numerous disputes with this complainant and says on this particular day he was in a mood so went around to his house.

“My instructions differ slightly from my friend, as he instructs he (complainant) came out first with an axe then he went to go get the crowbar.

“He instructs that he cannot do community service because he works long hours as a chef at McDonald’s and has a one-year-old child but can pay a fine and has no offences of a like-nature.”

Magistrate Saggers told Richardson that whatever issues they have with one another have to come to an end before it gets worse.

“I’ve taken into account your plea of guilt and made admissions to the offending but whatever is going on between you and this man has to come to an end,” he said.

Richardson responded saying his manager told him he will lose his job if he keeps it up.

“You won’t have your liberty for much longer if this happens,” Magistrate Saggers replied.

“Because when things go out of control – he grabs something, you grab something, someone gets hit or shot, a number of things can happen.

“You simply can’t have these disputes and act like a vigilante in the wild west.”

Richardson pleaded guilty to committing public nuisance, going armed to cause fear and wilful damage.

He was fined $1000 for all three offences and ordered to pay $20.90 for the letterbox.

The conviction was not recorded.

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