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Roma on the cusp of significant music festival this weekend

The wait is almost over for one of the biggest and most significant music events southwest Queensland has seen in years.

The Road to Roma country music festival will be live at the Club Hotel in Roma on Saturday and Sunday, March 6 and 7.

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Featuring artists like Darlinghurst, Jayne Denham, Melody Moko, Pete Denahy, and Teak, there will be a big itinerary of original music from these artists who are reportedly very keen on playing at the festival.

Organiser and artist Bec Lavelle said The Club is doing some extensive set up and construction only days before the event will commence.

“Barry Waldron from the Club Hotel, he’s gone crazy with his contract team,” Ms Lavelle said.

“Sitting here today, looking at the stage and everything, it’s really nice.”

There have been concreting, flooring, green room, carpeting, and other major works at the pub in the lead-up for the event and community organisations like Rotary and Apex are coming in too.

She said hundreds of tickets have been sold so far and up to 1200 are available for purchase.

For flexibility, tickets can also be purchased at the entrance.

Apart from the annual Easter in the Country event, Ms Lavelle doesn’t know of any other southwest musical festival with the same calibre as Road to Roma.

“It’s just been such a long year without any artists and that,” she said.

Ms Lavelle said with the weekend looking like it’ll be a success, she’d do the set up and organisation for another event in a heartbeat.

Tickets are available by clicking here, or at the entrance to the event.

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